Coming Up with an Idea Where Competition Is Not an Issue

It’s not just newbies who get stage fright over competition. It’s really not necessary, but it strikes fear in the hearts of newbies and seasoned marketers alike.

Competition is a good thing. It means there are people scrambling to get a piece of a profit pie.

If there’s zero competition, then that’s a sign that there’s no pie at all – in other words, no profits.

Instead of being so worried about competition, learn to become one of the competitors that others should be fearful of.

This doesn’t happen in an instant – it grows over time, and there’s plenty of room for you, regardless of what niche you want to be in.

Think about what niche you want to be in. Does it seem like everyone and their grandmother is in that niche?

That’s okay! Even if it’s dieting or making money online, there’s a place for you.

You don’t have to pursue underwater basket weaving as your niche just because no one else is doing it. They’re not there because it’s a dead niche for making money.

What do you want to be known for in that niche? Let’s say it’s dieting.

Would you like to be known for helping people stop yo yo dieting, or helping them lose a massive amount of weight as fast as possible?

You need a slant. You’re the one who is going to be creating a buzz about yourself in this niche, so you have to know what you want the conversation to be about.

Who is your competition? Don’t be scared of them – dissect their offers and topple them that way.

When two groups go to war, they learn as much as they can about the other group – what weapons they’re fond of, what mode of transportation they prefer, etc.

This is how they ultimately defeat the other group.

What (and how) are they operating in the niche? What products do they have? What services? How often are they networking on social sites? Look at every detail of how they conduct business.

Now how could you do it better or different? If there are virtually no videos by these people, then you can dominate on YouTube.

Or if they haven’t bothered to release a trendy product lately, you could get into the niche by scooping something in the news.


When it comes on online business branding and niche leadership development - - - everyone's different!

And whatever you have to offer, it's going to have an audience for it - your style, your voice, your message - it's unique to everyone else even if you're talking about the same niche topic.

You don't have to be an expert already. In this next section you will learn all about online business branding and how to develop your own online leadership.

Build your business, your reputation and your Brand, by being a good person with good ethics, who over-delivers to their readers.

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