Coping with Fatigue

Fatigue can be caused by health problems, but it can also be caused by a lack of self care. Taking care of yourself is the best way to cope with fatigue. If you’ve experienced a sudden onset of fatigue or if it’s something you’ve had for awhile, you need to first get that checked out by a doctor.

Fatigue is related to issues with the heart, endocrine system, sleep, and more. To cope with fatigue, make sure that you’re not just sitting around all day. When you’re living with this condition, it can make you not want to do anything.

But a lack of activity can actually increase fatigue. You might not feel that you have the energy to hit up the gym or to make it through a tough home workout and that’s okay. Just do something active.

If you’re overweight, that can cause fatigue. That’s because your body has to put out more effort to do the same tasks than if you weren’t overweight. This takes a toll on your energy and once that’s depleted, you start to have fatigue.

Getting to a healthy weight can eliminate it. Even just losing ten percent of your body’s overall weight can decrease fatigue. Check yourself to make sure that your habits aren’t the culprit.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, that can cause it. So can stress or dealing with something that drains you emotionally. Pay attention to your beverage intake. If all you’re drinking is coffee, tea or soda, then you’re not giving your body enough water and not having enough water can make you feel fatigued and sleepy.

Skipping sleep to stay up late to watch TV or work or be online can also be a common cause of fatigue. To cope, make sure that you stick to a certain time to go to bed and wake up – so that you’re getting enough hours of sleep.

Stop packing all your calories and carbs into a couple of meals or in your snacks. Heavy meals can make you fatigued because your glucose levels aren’t staying steady. To cope with that, you need to consume meals that are smaller in size and more frequent.

When you feel fatigued, take a break. Check out for fifteen to thirty minutes for some self care. Close your eyes and rest - or better yet, take a full nap. When you don’t take enough time for yourself, this can cause fatigue.

Start learning things that boost energy and alleviate fatigue. These are things like meditating or practicing yoga. Put boundaries in place. When you’re dealing with fatigue, you don’t have the energy to do everything for everyone else. It’s okay to practice self care by putting your needs first.

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How Will You Take Care Of Yourself In The New Year

So, the year is drawing to a close, but what do you have planned for the new year ahead? How do you plan to truly take care of yourself in the new year? You probably spend a lot of time looking after everyone else and barely feed your own spirit, mind, and body.

How much time do you really devote to yourself? To your well-being? It’s something that we are all guilty of – putting everything into everyone else and not realizing the toll it’s taking until we are completely running on empty.

Look at this new year as a fresh opportunity to do a bit of soul-searching. It’s time to look within yourself, and be honest about what you see, whether it’s in your personal life or on the career front. This isn’t about setting goals or making resolutions. This is about committing to taking care of yourself.

New Year, New You

You can get started with an online self-care test . The first thing to cover here is that you need to answer totally and completely honestly.

It’s between you and yourself – self-care and the test, so you won’t get far if you can’t be honest. As you take the assessment, you will likely start to see where you are letting yourself down.

It’s also important to note that self-care doesn’t look the same for everyone. For you, it could be spending time with friends, it might be exercising more or making healthy dietary choices.

In fact, for you, it could be a massage and for your partner, it could be sitting down to deal with the finances. We are all different and only you can really know what self-care avenue will serve you best.

What do you do too much of? Likewise, what don’t you do enough of? That’s an excellent place to start your journey. Ultimately, self-care should be practicing things that make you feel better.

So, if something that you do a lot of doesn’t do that for you, think about how you can limit that behavior or activity in your life.

If you prefer to make traditional new year’s resolutions, you can still do that. This will likely put a bit more pressure on you, though, and if you know that you struggle with your resolutions, perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is skip it.

For example, if you always set yourself up with an attainable resolution, don’t do a resolution at all.

If you aren’t sure where to get started with your self-care habits, we can help. We have some ideas that might help you, no matter what area of your life you want to focus on.

Ways To Take Care of Yourself

• Instead of focusing on your past failures, shift your focus to new opportunities.
• Plan a challenging step, whether career or otherwise, and don’t worry about the time or cost.
• Spend time meditating and less time in the noise.
• Practice more hobbies and activities that you enjoy.
• Spend less time on activities that you’re expected by others to do.
• Make time to sit down with a good book.
• Spend time in nature and less time inside.
• Schedule time for your partner, family, and friends.
• Devote extra time to talking to your children about who you are.

No one can know what the year ahead will hold, but what you can know is how to truly look after yourself. Truly, learning how to protect yourself is what will help you navigate any challenge that the new year throws at you.

So, how will you take care of yourself in the new year?

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