Corn Snakes as Exotic Pets

If you have never before owned a pet snake, but have your heart set on getting one, then you should consider starting off with a corn snake.

Corn snakes tend to be easy going and tamer than most breeds.

And they have a long life span of up to 20 years, so they will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Another benefit is that they do not grow into huge snakes, usually only growing from 3 to 5 foot long, and as a result will not ever need huge amounts of expensive feed for snakes.

This breed is one of the most attractive reptiles in the animal kingdom and they truly are beautiful pets that you can enjoy watching for hours on end.

They are ideal for beginners, as long as you are prepared for the fact that they are notorious escape artists!

These curious and determined little snakes will probe and push at every crevice of their snake cage and will push at the doorways and lid to see if they can find a weakness to wriggle through.

Fortunately, there are many strong and attractive designs of snake cages and terrariums that you can buy online, that also provide good security.

It is recommended that you attach a padlock to the snake enclosure though, to make sure the entrance can’t be accidentally loosened.

Even though the corn snake makes a nice low maintenance pet snake, you should learn how to take care of your snake, and you can get some very helpful books online or at your local library to make sure you know what you are doing before you adopt a pet snake.

Some things you will need to learn about fully include:

• Knowing how to select a healthy snake, that is parasite free, and feeds itself easily.

• Ensuring that you know what size and kind of enclosure is best suited for the corn snake.

• Which are the best bedding and substrate for the snake cage to keep it comfortable but also hygienic

• What materials you need to keep out of the snake enclosure to prevent it accidentally eating it

• How much privacy does a snake need to feel secure and how to provide a snake with hiding spots.

• The ideal temperature spectrum to provide your snake and the equipment required.

• Ensuring the corn snake has the appropriate supply of water and suitable bowls for its bathing needs.

• Providing the suitable feed for your corn snake, and knowing how often to feed it.

• Being prepared to help your snake when it sheds its skin, to make the process as comfortable as possible for it.

• Having the skills to prevent, assess and/or treat the common illnesses that may befall your corn snake.

If you cannot already answer these questions, you need to take responsibility for learning how to take care of your corn snake, long before you rush out to the pet shop!

The information can be learned from snake books in your library, or local book store, or bought online.

You should also research your corn snake care on web forums where you can talk to other corn snake owners and learn more about these beautiful and exotic creatures.

Learn more about the care of exotic pets when you read the rest of our information here about: How to look after a pet snake

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You can also get the pet snake care book here...
by: Helene

I forgot to mention that on the link to the pet snake care guide page you will learn more about the book I have published for pet snake owners.

It has everything you need to know about the care of your snakes, and also has a section about Snake Health problems and how to deal with them.

As an extra bonus the book also has a guide about how to breed snakes, so if you decide you want to do that you will have the information you need to get started as a pet snake breeder.

For Australian snake owners the book also has some information about the local snakes and lets you know which snakes are not allowed to be kept as pets in Oz, like the popular corn snake.

So check out the directory page for the pet snake care guide and to check out my book on Amazon.

PRINT BOOOK => The Ultimate Snake Owner Guide

KINDLE BOOK => The Ultimate Snake Owner Guide

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