Define Your Purpose for Using Digital Dating Tools

When it comes to the world of online dating, there are two major groups of people that you can differentiate: those who are there to date, and those who are there for hookups. Sometimes these categories happen to overlap, but it’s not too frequent.

Both categories are equally justified, but the most important thing you need to do is clearly define what you’re looking for in online dating before you make any profiles or choose any platforms.

Generally speaking, dating is defined as any kind of committed relationship. It doesn’t have to mean anything too serious, but it certainly involves frequent meeting and hanging out.

Dating is fairly broad because it can mean anything from a short, month long relationship up to something as long as marriage. The people you’re looking for if you’re interested in dating should be those that you really click with when it comes to their personalities.

Hookups are much different than dating, and it’s a strange kind of culture that’s still fairly new. Hookups essentially involve one or two offhanded meetups, usually involving sexual relations.

The people who hook up rarely contact one another afterwards, if ever, and if they do, it’s typically just to hook up again. This kind of relationship is certainly unorthodox, but it’s becoming increasingly popular among young adults.

When you’re trying to clearly convey your purpose on a dating website, you have to be a bit crafty about it. It’s a bit strange to come across a profile that says “looking for someone to date” or “looking for hookups,” and you probably won’t get nearly as many matches.

Instead, it’s more common and accepted to say something like “here just for fun” if you’re interested in hookups. This doesn’t come across nearly as blunt, but your message is still fairly clear.

The reason it’s so important to clearly define what you’re looking for out of a relationship from an online dating service is that you want to avoid confusion as much as possible. It’s already somewhat difficult to communicate thoughts clearly over just text, so when you add in the factor of whether you want a relationship or a hookup, things can get awkward.

If, for example, you met up with someone you met online hoping for a hookup, but they were expecting the start of a relationship, things would get uncomfortable very quickly, and neither of you would have a good time.

How Long Should Things Stay Digital Before You Meet in Person

When you get into online dating, the first thing you’ll have to realize that’s different about it from traditional dating is that you’re going to have to decide at some point when and if you want to meet them in person.

This can be a bit nerve wracking, especially if it’s your first time meeting someone you met over the internet. So how long should you wait? Most of that answer depends on how comfortable you feel – your gut instinct about the situation.

There are a few things that you can do to make the entire process a bit easier. Ask yourself if you’re comfortable with the person. This seems like a pretty basic idea, but a lot of people seem to struggle with it.

If you think that the person you’re talking to is entirely real and genuine and have good reason to believe so, then you’re off to a decent start. If you feel for any reason that you might not be getting the full picture of who you’re meeting, don’t meet up with them just yet.

It’s best to wait until you feel like you know them more. There’s only so far that a relationship can develop in a digital atmosphere. You can chat and text for awhile to get the foundation of a connection built.

But then, if you want to take things slowly, you might move on to telephone conversations. That way you can hear each other’s voices and get to know the person behind the profile a bit better.

From there, you may decide to meet. Or, if you still want to take things slow, you can opt for a Skype connection where you’re seeing each other’s faces and hearing your voices, but not yet having to show up in person.

When you do decide to meet, be careful. Don’t let them rush the process or insist on driving you to and from the date. When you’re communicating whether or not you feel comfortable meeting in person, be clear about your possible concerns.

You want your date to be understanding enough to grasp any possible worries you have about the situation. It helps if you let them know that it’s not exactly personal, but rather that you just have your reservations about meeting in person coming from an online relationship.

If you do decide to meet up in person, be sure to choose somewhere fairly out in the open and public, and make sure that there will be other people there. For example, having a first date at a bar or a restaurant is good because there are plenty of people around to help if you need it, but there’s not as many people around if you go to their place for the first date.

Dating Apps That Help Connect Dog Lovers

It had to happen sooner or later – dating apps that help to connect those who love dogs and consider them a very important part of the family. Now, there are several dog-lover dating apps and they’re becoming extremely popular.

Dig is one of the dog lover apps that are making an online impact in the way we meet people and form relationships. It’s rare that a relationship can work if your dog and the person-of-interest don’t mesh.

That’s where Dig comes in. Dig’s founders, Casey and Leigh Isaacson realized a need for people to connect based on what’s truly important to them – their canine companions.

The Dig dating app helps to connect those who want to find a relationship based on having dogs now or in the future. The site will help you set up dog-friendly dates and zero in on places to meet and have fun with your furry friends.

The Dig app makes it easy to set up a profile for you and your dog and helps you narrow down the choices based on the size and personality of your pet. Dig has been dubbed as the dog person’s dating appl.

Another popular dog-lover dating app is Tindog – based on the Tinder app, but it’s an app that focuses on people with dogs. It works similarly. You can swipe one way on the profile photo if you’re interested and the other way if you’re not.

Sniffr is a great app if you’re only interested in the casual side of the dating world. Although the app was designed to help you find your perfect dog-loving companion, you don’t have to swipe one way or the other to make a possible connection.

Rather, Sniffr informs you of dog events in your area, plus dog lovers and lonely dogs and their owners who are looking for socializing and companionship. One great feature of Sniffr is if your dog is stolen or lost, you can alert the Sniffr members to be on alert.

If you think of your pet as part of the package – date you, date your pet too – you may want to try the dating app, Date My Pet. The tagline for the site is Date me, date my pet because most people consider their pets as a package deal.

Date My Pet offers many options to dating with a canine companion. There’s a comprehensive desktop version of the app if you’re sick and tired of swiping one way or the other as other apps require.

There’s also a great spam detector that helps cull out the virtual traps that lurk at every online turn. If you’d like to find someone you can relate to about the dog in your life and explore a relationship with, try one of the dog-lover dating apps.

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