Easy Tips for Planning Your Paleo Meals

One of the easiest ways for you to set yourself up for the Paleo diet lifestyle is to get yourself into the habit of planning your meals. When you let yourself get hungry, you let yourself fail – it is that simple.

As soon as those insulin levels start acting up and your stomach starts to growl you will instinctively grab for the first thing that will stop those hunger pains.

This is why planning your meals is so important, so that no matter what time of day you get hungry you will already know what you are going to eat and you will already be in a position to eat it.

When you know the right way to plan your meals your hunger won't control you, you will control your hunger.

If you are stuck trying to find new ways to plan your meals, here are a few easy tricks to get you started.

1 – Pick a certain day and time to plan

When you have some downtime in your week, get into the habit of spending an hour or two to go through your Paleo diet books and pick out some recipes that look good to you.

Plan your meals for the next week, (making sure that you have enough meals to cover you until you go back to the grocery store again), and figure out what you are going to have for each meal of the day.

You don't just want to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner either, you also want to plan ahead for any snacks and desserts you will want to eat.

Another good tip is to try to plan ahead for your busy days.

For instance if you know that the kids have after school activities on a certain night and you won't get home until late, plan to make a double portion of dinner the night before so that you can have leftovers on the night that you will get home late.

2 – Make a notebook with all of your favorite recipes

In order to make your planning easier, try to keep a notebook of all of your favorite recipes.

This way instead of wasting time searching through all of your recipe books to find that one recipe that you really liked you will have all of your favorite recipes in one spot.

Not only can you take your recipe notebook with you wherever you go but you will have one place to store all of your favorite recipes for those times when you are in a pinch to make something.

3 – Whenever possible, make things ahead of time

An easy way to take the stress out of making meals is to make as much as you can ahead of time.

The only things that you want to make ahead of time are those things that you know can sit for a few days before starting to go bad.

• If you are into making big salads you might not want to cut up the avocado until the day that you are going to eat it. But you can still make some hard boiled eggs, bake some chicken, and make some homemade salad dressing and store them all in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat.

• If you are making a Paleo dinner you won't be able to do much with the meat beforehand but if your side dish has carrots, sweet potatoes, or squash you can always peel and cut these items days before you actually need them.

• If your meal is going to require you to grind up nuts or to shred anything, throw it into your food processor a few days ahead of time and simply store it until you are ready for it.

No matter what kind of a meal it is that you are making, if you look closely you are bound to find some way that you can make part of that meal ahead of time.

Pick one day a week and make all of these 'ready made' items to have on hand. You will be glad you did.

Following these easy tips you will be able to enjoy a healthy Paleo lifestyle, even on your busiest week.

What All Your Paleo Meals Should Have

One of the greatest things about eating Paleo is how freeing it is.

You don't have to count points, you don't have to watch carbs, and you don't have to starve yourself.

Unlike so many diets and healthy eating lifestyles out there that require a major transition for you, eating Paleo is simple and easy. But most importantly eating Paleo is fun!

The rules are simple, make sure that every meal has protein, good fat, and good carbs and watch your body change like never before.


So many of us are starved for protein and we don't even know it. We think that the reason we can't shrink that unwanted fat is because we aren't doing enough cardio or working out enough.

The truth is that these things are important and they do play a major part in the way that you look. But as important as these things are they aren't as important as protein.

Protein doesn't just help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time, it also helps to shrink those fat cells and build new muscle.

Yes, working out and doing cardio are very important to the way that your body looks, but what you eat is equally as important.

If you can't seem to get rid of those unwanted pounds you are likely starved for protein.

Good Fats

Believe it or not, healthy fats help you to lose weight. These fats don't cling to your body, in fact they will help you to drop that unwanted weight quickly.

Good Carbs

We have been taught that carbs is a dirty word. So many diets scare us into believing that carbs are a bad thing that we shouldn't be eating.

In reality, it isn't the carbs that are the bad thing, it is the carbs from processed foods that is bad for us.

If you are getting your carbs from food that is so processed that it won't go bad until a few months or years from now, then that is not a good carb.

On the other hand, vegetables do offer another kind of carb, they offer healthy carbs.

These are the kind of carbs that are going to make energy for your body and keep you feeling like you are on cloud nine all day long.

Make sure that every meal you eat has these three things and you will be well on your way to Paleo success.

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