Foods That Actually Cause Stress

Stress can be caused by a lot of things - from work issues to financial situations. It’s a normal reaction every human experiences in situations they weren’t prepared for.

Sometimes, though, stress can be caused by simple situations - such as consuming certain food items that wreak havoc on your body and emotions.

Here are some foods that can cause stress when you eat too much of them:

Caffeine is well-known as a stimulant. When you’re trying to relax, having a caffeine-boost isn’t the answer to your problem.

You don’t have to eradicate it forever, but try to limit your intake of caffeine if you’re feeling the effects of stress in your life.

Candy is another food item that has potential for causing a good amount of stress. Candy, in most cases, contains quite a bit of sugar.

Sugar will give you a temporary boost of energy, but it gives you too much at one time, resulting in a quick crash shortly after.

Once the sugar high wears off, your mood can be irritable from the overwhelming fatigue it brings. If the sweet treats can’t be avoided, go for sugarless options or treats with a much smaller amount of sugar.

Potato chips are another stress-inducing snack item. Most potato chips contain a lot of salt, which can make you dehydrated and retain water.

The more uncomfortable you start to feel, the more stress starts to come on.

Choose less-salty snacks, like low salt pretzels or even a low salt version of your favorite potato chip.

Another item most people don’t think about is fast food French fries that are high in salt and fried in a lot of fat.

The fast food restaurants thrive on their ability to get you the food fast, so the fries aren’t usually given enough time to drain off the excess grease.

The grease can cause stomach or digestion distress, which will most certainly cause stress in those who end up suffering from it. Avoid them as much as possible or limit your intake of them.

Junk food, in general, is considered stress inducing and poor in its nutritional components. When your body doesn’t get enough of the necessary minerals and nutrients it needs, its chances of being able to handle stress are lowered.

Eat yourself into a healthy state instead of toward a stressful one. Watch what you eat and stress will become more of a minor annoyance in your life rather than a pending catastrophe!

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Don’t Let Stress Damage Your Diet

You spent a lot of time and effort to stick to your diet. You’ve resisted temptation after temptation, but now you’re stressed and your diet just went out the window.

It’s a tremendous discouragement to you and can make it hard to bounce back, but it is possible to handle your stress using natural methods to prevent permanent damage to your diet.

Stress is a normal human reaction everyone faces when unsuspecting things happen within our lives.

In those times, we sometimes end up turning to food to alleviate the stress we feel. In order to keep you from straying from your diet when stress rears its ugly head, you’ll need to find effective ways to face it.

There are some natural alternative methods you can use that don’t involve traditional medical treatments.

One way is to plan time for meditation each day. We all have busy lives with our work and raising a family.

The more we’re on the go, the more run down our body will become. When you’re rundown and tired both physically and mentally, it will make facing stress that much harder to overcome.

Having a regular exercise routine that includes a mind-body mix, such as yoga, will also help you handle stress better.

It helps you clear your mind and gives you a little energy, making you feel better about yourself.

When your confidence is up, you’re better equipped to battle the stress whenever it pops up.

Even small planter gardens can help. Grow your own herbs and spice up your healthy dishes with what you grew.

When gardening isn’t an option, just try doing another hobby that can provide stress-busting benefits.

Sometimes food seems to be the only option in your eyes. If you can’t resist food, then go for the healthier snacks.

You can handle your stress and you won’t add more stress to the mix by feeling guilty about eating the wrong types of food.

Stress is inevitable for us, but it doesn’t have to control you to the point where your diet suffers.

If you take time for yourself and give your body and mind a chance to thrive, it will help you face your stress and eradicate it from your life the second it shows up.

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How Music Can Help With Stress

Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are the three Bs of stress busting. Composers of a long ago age are reaching out and annihilating stress in people they’ve never met. Sounds like something from the twilight zone, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not. Bach, Beethoven and Brahms were composers of classical music. Classical music appeals to some of your senses.

It produces calming tones from instruments like violins, pianos, guitars and flutes.

It lacks the drum-laden music some tunes contain today. While rock and roll might perk you up in the morning, a calming mixture of classical music can help lull you to sleep at night.

But not everyone is a fan of classical music. They can get the same effect from other types of music that they’re more accustomed to, like the sounds of nature.

If you visit any high-end spa in your local town, chances are your brow wax or facial will be set to the tune of relaxing sounds that help relax you and remove the stress from the environment.

Studies show that softer, relaxing music will lower your stress levels and allow you to handle situations better.

Doctor’s offices can be a stressful atmosphere if you’re sitting in the waiting room, so physicians have classical music stations preparing you for your visit.

Elevators are enclosed spaces and can easily cause a person to become stressed by the crowded enclosure, so they routinely have calming music flowing in them to help you relax during the short ride.

Supermarkets want their customers to buy more products, so they provide them with stress-less music to keep them calm and in the buying mood. Restaurants do it to keep you coming back.

What started out as a heartbeat from our mother’s womb evolved into a personal preference for musical beats that we find relaxes us.

It’s a physiological reaction when we find a tune that increases serotonin levels and helps us engage in deep breathing.

You don’t have to have the music loud for it to be effective. Your subconscious mind can pick up on subtle sounds that help alleviate stress during the most chaotic times of your life.

Your heartbeat will slow down and your overall mental and physical health will improve.

To make the most of your music therapy, try to listen to a relaxing sound for at least 20 minutes a day while sitting or lying down in a comfortable position.

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Do you agree or disagree with using alternative health practices?

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by: Helene

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