Fun Christmas Games for Kids to Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas free games and Christmas party activities

Party Christmas games for kids

A good game for children to help them learn is a word find game.

Give each child a list of Christmas words and have them find other words within those words.

An example would be a "snowman", and they would find words like snow, man, now, won, was and so on.

Longer words work the best for finding more words so here are some suggestions of words you can give them.

Christmas, poinsettia, snowballs, ornaments, reindeer and the other words you can think have.

It is best to give them a list of about 10 words and see how many words they can come up with for each one separately.

The one with the most words, wins.


Take a large tray and put about 20-25 Christmas themed items on the tray. Now bring the tray out and put it on the table and let everyone look at it for about 20 or 30 seconds.

Let them know they need to try to remember as many items on the tray as they can. Now take the tray away in another room.

Next give each kid a piece of paper and pencil and have them write down everything that remember on the tray.

The winner of the game is the one that remembers the most items.


Play the toss game. Take a large piece of cardboard and draw a picture of a snowman.

In the center cut a hole in its belly.

Now stand it by making a slit in the bottom and slide a piece of cardboard the opposite direction to make a stand.

Have the Kids see how many snowballs they can get through the hole in his tummy. Don't have any snow?

Fill small Ziploc bags with marshmallows or use Styrofoam balls.

The first one to get three snowballs through the hole in the tummy wins.


Play to freeze game. Have all the children stand around in a circle and then start playing some Christmas music.

Tell the children to start dancing to the music.

When the music stops everyone has to freeze in the position they are at.

You need to stand this way until the music starts again.

Make sure to have your camera ready as you can get some funny poses which great for your Christmas scrapbook.


Fill the stocking with candy game. Set up teams of three to five people each. Hang a stocking on the wall for each team.

On the other end of the room put a bowl of candy for each team. Hand each person on the team a spoon.

Now with the spoon in their mouths backwards, so the scoop part of the spoon is sticking out, have the first member of the team run across the room and fill up the spoon with candy, no hands allowed, and then run it back to the other side of the room and dump it in the stocking.

Once each member is done they will go to the back of the line. Each member will take a turn again, is not over until all the candy is out of the bowl.

This may take a few times for each teammate.


Christmas Day Activities for Children

Let your kids decorate the tablecloth for Christmas dinner.

You can purchase clear plastic at your local hardware store.

Give your kids lots of colors of markers and use pictures from coloring books.

Put the pictures behind the plastic table cloth and let outline the Christmas pictures from the coloring books on the plastic tablecloth.

Next, they can color in the pictures and before you know it you have a beautiful tablecloth handmade by your children.

Your kids will absolutely love this and be proud to sit at a table with their artwork on it.


A fun game for Christmas is musical chairs using Christmas music.

Set up enough chairs so that there is a chair for everyone but one person.

Start the music and have everyone dance around the chairs to the music.

After a minute stop the music, and then everybody has to hurry and sit down.

The person that does not get a chair is out of the game.

Now remove one chair and start the music again and when the music stops everyone sits down and again the person without a chair is out of the game.

Keep doing this, removing one chair after each turn until you're down to the last two people and only one chair.

The person that gets the last chair when the music stops wins the game.


A fun game to play on Christmas day is the memory game.

Have each person take all the stuff out of their stocking and then put it back in.

Now remove all the stockings from the room and have everyone write down what each person had in their stocking.

The one that gets the most right wins the game.


More Resources for Simplifying Christmas

You can also save money and be unique, by making your own Christmas cards this year.

I have a brilliant pack of 1,500 Christmas royalty free images for only $5 that you can download and use year after year.

They are gorgeous and such fun to use on handmade cards and decorations.

Learning how to keep Christmas simple is a matter of making sure you are organized with your Christmas planning and budgeting every step of the way.

Please visit and enjoy all the great tips and ideas I have put on there to help you enjoy Christmas in a more relaxed way.

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