Green Shopping Tips When Buying A New Car

You’re in the market for a new car, and you want to be greener and more sustainable with your choice than you were in the past. First, you realize saving money on gas is a good thing for you, but it’s also good for the environment.

However, everything depends on your situation, how far you need to drive, the terrain, and how you like to drive.

• Set Your Budget – Before you buy anything, especially something as big as a car, is that you need to set a budget that makes sense for you. Set the budget before you even start looking at cars. Your budget is not going to change based on the type of car you buy. Don’t listen to any salesperson who claims you’ll save on fuel so you can pay more for the vehicle.

• Consider Your Driving Habits – How do you like to drive and what type of terrain do you typically drive on? How long does it take you to get to work? Some electric-only cars may not be right for you if you must drive a long distance to work each day.

• Consider Your Location – Some locations are friendlier to electric and eco vehicles that need to be plugged in. If you live in an apartment, how will you charge it? Will they let you set up a charging station? Will they add one for you? How will you find the right way to charge it or fuel it?

• Read Consumer Reports – You can join consumer reports online for a small monthly fee. You don’t have to buy a year-long subscription to find out about the vehicles that you want to buy. This is a great way to find out what you should offer for your new vehicle too.

• Learn About the Power Behind Your Green Car – How is the car you’re looking at powered? What type of batteries? What type of fuel if it takes any? How long does it go on one charge or tank? Compare that with your situation to find out if it’ll work for your needs.

• Choose the Right Color – If you live in a very sunny environment, you probably want to choose a lighter color. Dark colors attract the sun and make it hotter. Light colors reflect the sun and keep your car cooler.

• Check the Suspension – Your car will perform better if it has better suspension. Read about what the experts state about the suspension in your ideal green vehicle. Not only do you need to consider additional fuel and energy costs but replacement costs too.

• Ask an Expert – Don’t be shy about asking someone who is truly an expert about vehicles although you may want to avoid asking a sales person who will claim to be an expert.

Finding just the right green car for your needs may take a little research. You may need to test-drive several cars before you find the right one. One good thing to do is to rent the car you think you want for a week.

While this is an added expense, it’s the best way to test out any car that you think you’ll like driving.

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