How Many Stress Relievers Have You Tried?

When you tell a friend or family member that you’re under a great deal of stress, they’ll usually perk up with some advice about how you can feel better. Those tips range from “take a hot bath” to “get some sleep – you’ll feel better.”

And they’re not wrong, certainly. Sleep is a factor in helping you both mentally and physically address the chronic stress in your life. And taking a relaxing, hot bath with some calming aromatherapy products can assist you, too.

But sometimes, your stress is far beyond just one good night’s sleep or an hour in a hot bath. Sometimes, it requires you to go above and beyond working an action plan to prevent stress from overwhelming you.

Everyone can handle a bit of stress occasionally. It’s when that stress turns chronic that it becomes a serious concern. At that point (or preferably before that point), you need to initiate a plan that enables you to stay calm and feel empowered in handling whatever comes your way.

And each person is different. While relaxing baths or calming lavender might work for one person, they may have very little impact on you personally. So it’s important that you work to find out what has the biggest stress-relieving impact on you, both physically and mentally.

First, learn what types of activities can help people alleviate stress and then work through them, testing each one out to see how it impacts you personally. Even those you may not think will work, could surprise you.

You can try an endorphin release from exercise, for example. Some people think exercise is stressful – but there’s a reason runner’s report that “runner’s high” when they achieve a goal or a certain amount of time on the track – endorphins get released, and these are known as the “feel good” hormones that can turn your mood around.

You might also want to try activities such as mindful meditation, visualization and yoga. Yoga incorporates physical activity, but like the other two methods, its focus is on the mental aspect of creating peace within your day.

Another thing you might try is staying off technology for a set period of time. Instead of tuning into the news or being glued to your iPhone, turn everything off and engage in something like a puzzle or some sort of arts and crafts activity instead.

Find what works best for you and then have it available on a regular basis to stave off stress and help keep you calm throughout the day and evening.

Tackling Stress Requires a Varied Approach

When it comes to stress, more people these days are learning that they have to take a proactive approach to stress management. Chronic stress is more prevalent than ever before, and so are the remedies available to address it.

We all have our own individual ideas of which stress relievers work best for us. Yours might be to relax with a good book, or laugh at a comedy movie. Someone else might rely on a relaxing bath with candles and soft music.

Whatever your go-to stress reliever is, it doesn’t mean you’re chained to it forever. With so many options available on the marketplace, it makes sense to give your mind and body a surprise from time to time so that it experiences new things that help it battle the common, chronic distress in their lives.

Sometimes, your mind and body will get so used to a stress relieving tactic that it just won’t work as well as it used to. For example, maybe months ago you discovered that grown up coloring books allowed you to focus on art instead of stress.

But months later, your mind has found a way around it – and even while coloring a beautiful scene, your mental state is focused on the stress and you’re coloring on autopilot.

That’s when you know it’s time to shake things up. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your go-to stress reliever for good.

It just means you either need to incorporate something new, or take a break from what you’ve been doing for awhile.

There are all kinds of stress relievers you can work with. They affect all of your senses – from scents to tastes to sound to touch and visualization.

You can get a massage, listen to soothing music or inspirational messages, use aromatherapy or visualization – you can even use nutrition to address your high levels of stress.

Another thing that might be worth considering is that you can find different combinations that work best for your stress relief needs. Sometimes pairing two different methods will have a greater effect on you than if you used one method individually.

Don’t be afraid to switch gears and try things you’ve never attempted to use before. You never know how your body and mind will respond whenever you introduce something new to it.

Make a list of all possible stress relievers and then mix and match and see what makes you feel most relaxed.

Don’t forget there are different ways to do the same thing, too – such as trying a variety of calming scents or different instructors to teach you meditation skills.

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