Keeping Bugs Out of Your Garden

I'm enjoying the early Summer here right now, but we just had a short downpour of cooling rain, which will refresh the garden beautifully for the rest of the day. With a bit more rain I might not have to water it tonight - woo hoo!

But the downside (and there's always a downside - lol) is that this bit of rain will bring out the snails in droves and all the little bugs that thrive in the damp!

Its painful to see in your own garden worked so hard preparing and planting your garden - only to have those annoying pests move in and destroy what you worked so hard to build up.

Insects can damage your plants within a matter of hours once they’ve found the fruits of your labor.

I'm worried about my young tomato plants right now... just starting to flower and set fruit!

But I firmly believe that the best way to control these bugs is to keep them out of your garden to begin with!

There are many pesticides that you can use to keep the bugs away, but you need to make sure they’re safe to use.

Some of the sprays are definitely harmful to the health of other living creatures - especially us!

You want to get rid of the damaging pests, but make sure you don’t get rid of all of the bugs, since there are some you actually want to keep in your garden.

Some of these helpful bugs, such as ladybugs and spiders, feed on the annoying insects that damage your plants.

They’re essentially the best bodyguards one could have for their garden.

One of the best ways to control the insects and pests that damage the plants in your garden is by allowing helpful pests in that will drive those harmful ones away or eat them.

By planting inviting plants or “homes” for the helpful insects, you can keep the harmful ones at bay quite efficiently.

There are some really cut little "bug houses" that you can see pictured on Pinterest, and you can make your own with twigs and cones, that attract the good bugs to come and live in your garden

Check with your local gardening center on which plants attract the good pests.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your garden clean.

The harmful pests are often attracted to piles of leaves, grass cuttings and dense spots of weeds.

These pests can thrive in those areas, so weed your garden regularly and clean up the leaves and grass cuttings that find their way into your garden.

Some organic gardeners use a hot pepper wax that they lightly spray on the leaves of their plants.

The oils from the spicy contents of this wax wards off the harmful insects and other pests as well.

The wax solution is safe for your plants and doesn’t affect the produce at all, so don’t worry about “spicing” up your vegetables.

As long as you properly clean them before consuming them, you won’t notice any residue.

There are some plants that give off a scent that repels those bugs and keeps them away from your precious produce.

Such plants - like marigolds and the borage herb plant - are very effective at keeping those pests away from your tomato plants.

Marigolds are really tough little plants too, that can take the elements and still flower beautifully.

Plant them nearby and watch your tomato plants grow to be healthy and robust.

Every gardener wants to see their garden thrive after putting in a lot of hours of hard work and dedication into it.

No one wants to see that labor go down the drain by losing their plants to those annoying pests that move into your garden.

Before planting your garden, do your research and find the best companion plants to repel the annoying pests and the ones that invite the good insects in according to your geographic location.

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