Ketogenic Diet

You’ve surely heard of the work “Ketogenic” because it’s never been more popular. Everywhere you turn; you hear about or see someone “Going Keto”.

Many people are advocating its efficacy and Keto supplements have even been introduced into the market.

Although the Ketogenic diet has its place, it may not be sustainable forever and that is ok.

Many times people that follow a diet will experience the benefits and then keep up with a similar eating style.

The point of a Ketogenic diet is to allow fat to be used as the main source of energy instead of carbohydrates (Ketosis).

Now Ketogenic diets are not safe for everyone (Diabetics, and pregnant women, for instance).

A normal low carb diet should be safe and without the risk of any significant complications for most people however.

Doctors have used Ketogenic diets for children and adults with epilepsy for a while now.

Some research even suggests a Ketogenic diet can help with heart disease, diabetes and insulin resistance.

It’s possible effects on cancer and other diseases are still being discovered

According to WebMD, Ketosis starts within 3-4 days of eating less than 50 grams of carbs per day and/or fasting can cause ketosis as well.

At this point you should be able to see how going Keto is affecting your body.

Before you start a Ketogenic diet, make sure you’re prepared with the proper nutrition.

Here are some foods to consider when on a Ketogenic diet:
• Lean meats
• Low carb vegetables
• Eggs
• Olive/Coconut Oil
• High-Fat dairy
• Nuts/seeds
• Avocadoes
• berries

These foods are a great start to a Keto diet. Notice carbs are not completely cut out but they are restricted enough for the fats to take over for energy.

There are actually a few different forms of a Ketogenic diet (Variations in carbohydrates) but a beginner diet should not be complex.

It’s also safer to start out slowly decreasing the carbohydrates before you experience a complete state of Ketosis.

Our bodies like to do things slowly and although fat loss may be desired quickly, let health be your first concern.

At first, weight loss may occur more rapidly because carbs hold water and you’d be eliminating a lot of water this way.

However, you’ll also burn fat and build muscle as you get further into the diet.

The Ketogenic diet may not be for everyone but, many people are loving its efficacy.

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