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eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever wondered if you could start your own business, the answer is yes. If you’ve ever thought that you could succeed being your own boss, you can. But there’s a reason, according to the book eSCAPE, that you haven’t started your own business and you’re not your own boss yet.

It’s because you’ve been taught that it’s not the right way to do things in life. From the time children are little, they’re taught that the most important thing in life is to get a good education so that you get a good job.

Nowhere in there do happiness, passion or dreams figure in. Childhood dreams are pushed aside as you grow up. But you can have your dreams turn into reality if you know how.

The book eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur teaches readers what the most important keys are. These keys can show you how to start and thrive with a work at home business. With the help of this book, you’ll discover how to stop employee style thinking.

There’s a different perspective between an employee and an entrepreneur when it comes to achieving success. The areas where the two differ are ones such as dreams, time, problems, money and more.

The book opens up with the author sharing his back story as well as the experiences he had, and the lessons learned from them. Then it goes into defining what an entrepreneur is.

It all starts with your mindset. Entrepreneurs and employees just don’t think the same way. The author shares what you think could lead to failure. Some people are afraid to start working from home because they’re afraid of what they feel are the risks.

The book shows readers how to truly understand risk and teaches them how to be open to the unknown. One chapter of the book shows what causes entrepreneurs to fail while others end up finding success.

You’ll also see why, what people think about failure is different from the reality of failing and how failure is not the end. Those who end up successful fail multiple times. The book teaches readers how to push past and overcome those failures.

You’ll discover what it takes to become an entrepreneur and the important questions you need to ask yourself.

Contrary to common advice, becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t just about knowledge or skills and the book explains why this is.

By following the advice given in the book, you’ll be able to stop thinking small and learn how to go after what you really want in life.

You’ll learn the strategies that you need for success and how to make the right decisions.

Take control of your life and learn how to develop an entrepreneur mindset to achieve what it is you truly want to do.

eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine

Some people dream of working at home but have never tried it. Then something happens that changes their ability to work outside the home and suddenly, they’re faced with needing to earn an income while staying home.

If that describes you, you can learn how to make money. It might seem scary when everything is different because you’re thinking of all the challenges that you might face. But there is help.

The book, Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine, can show you what you need to know. With this book, you’ll be able to gain access to the exact tools that you need in order to earn the kind of money you’d like to make.

Because you’ll be the one in charge, what you make is going to be in your hands.

You get to decide what you need to do to create the income that provides for yourself and your loved ones.

The book shares a how-to list that you need to have. This list gives you a step-by-step walk-through of how to get your first website up and running. When you have a website, your customers can find you.

The author shares reasons why using your computer to make money is going to make you happy.

You’ll be able to let go of the stress of having a boss, the grind of the 9 to 5 and more.

There are buzzwords that you’ll need to understand once you decide to work from home and the book gives you that information.

A second part of the book is dedicated to the seven secrets that are imperative for success and guides you through implementing these secrets.

You can double or even triple the kind of money that you were earning before you began working for yourself. In addition to learning the key steps for success, you’ll also learn about failure.

The author shares the problems that can occur and gives guidance on how to avoid these mistakes.

Even if you’ve never worked from home before and don’t know what to do, the book will show you the necessary steps.

These steps can teach you how to create your best work. Because you’ll be producing good work, you’ll have clients that continually turn to you with projects.

You might think that it’ll take a long time to get your work at home business off the ground, but it doesn’t.

You can get started earning using your computer in one week. In seven days, you can be your own boss.

The book gives you the business model to follow and teaches you how to start your business with a small amount of money and even with no money.

You’ll also learn why you need to hang on and not give up too soon. Perseverance is the key to creating the life you want with the business you start.

Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine

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Some of us can overcome issues of how to build self-confidence easier than others, but we can all become more confident by following a plan and focusing on the task at hand.

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I have written and published the books below, created specifically to help you develop self confidence and hone your self assertiveness skills and communication.

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Workplace Solutions: Unlocking Your Potential with Self-Esteem and Positive CommunicationWorkplace Solutions: Unlocking Your Potential with Self-Esteem and Positive Communication

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