Ornamental Grass Adds Personality to Lawns and Gardens

Many gardeners want something that is going to last in their gardens throughout the entire year and that is why many of them are choosing to plant Ornamental grasses come in a plethora of textures, sizes and colors. They can be used as a focal point in your yard or garden, or you can use them for privacy fences or to screen unattractive places or items that are on your property.

Small and large ornamental grasses can be mixed in with a wide range of shrubs and flowers for dramatic results. Ornamental grasses are much loved because they are as colorful as flowers. They come in various shades of blue, green, red, gold, gray, yellow and brown. All ornamental grasses produce seed heads and they do not require pollinators. The wind does the pollination for the ornamental grasses.

When working with ornamental grasses, you may need to wear gloves. Some ornamental grasses are sharp and prickly and they can cut your skin. You should plant the small ones around the borders of your flower beds or along your sidewalks.

Small ornamental grasses add a wispy, soft touch to the straight lines of sidewalks and flower beds. These smaller grasses can also be used in ditches or on banks. When working with smaller grasses, always plant the tallest ones in the center of the ditch or at the base of your banks.

You can always place your containers and arrange them to suit you prior to planting. Large ornamental grasses can be planted alone or in clumps to form privacy screens or walls.

Be careful when planting large grasses, such as Pampas grass. These grasses need a wide birth and you should plant them according to their mature height, not the height they are when they are purchased in a container.

The great thing about ornamental grasses is how easy they are to care for. They are very hard to damage or kill and they require minimal care. Most grasses prefer to be planted in full sun. However, they will grow and thrive in areas of partial sun and shade.

Prior to planting your ornamental grass, you should thoroughly read any planting guidelines that accompany the plant. This will greatly aid you in knowing how to space and plant your grasses.

Warm season ornamental grasses are beautiful and colorful during the winter months. Long after all the other plants have died down, these ornamental grasses are dominating the area.

Their colors of beige, gold and tan will stand out and be very beautiful in the snow. Cool season ornamental grasses produce their most growth in the spring. Some of these grasses will even remain green and colorful through the beginning of the cold months.

With a little thought and planning you can have a combination of warm and cool season ornamental grass providing texture and color to your yard year round.

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