Paleo diet and children

By now, you know the benefits of the Paleo diet. You have heard the stories of improved health, weight loss, and improved energy. You know that eating a Paleo diet is what will work for you and you can't wait to get started.

You get that a Paleo diet is what you need, but what about your children?
One of the biggest challenges when we try to change our diet is our family. When your family is eating one way it is extremely hard for you to turn around and eat another way.

Your food budget goes up, you take up twice as much room in your pantry, and most importantly you need to fix two meals instead of one after a long day at the office. It is no wonder so many people find it near impossible to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

But the Paleo diet is different than any other diet that is out there. In fact, it should not be called a diet at all. Eating Paleo is not about changing your eating habits until you are at the weight that you want to be at.

It is much more than that. Eating Paleo is about creating a lifestyle that will give you health, energy, and vibrancy.

But does that mean that it will be good for your children? Let's face it, so many diets are based around foods that might be great for you but hard for your little one to swallow, especially when they are used to eating a certain way.

I mean honestly, can you really expect a child that has been raised on meat and potatoes to wake up one morning and love broiled tilapia and salmon?

That's the extreme that most diets go to and that is the reason that so many parents find it impossible to make their kids eat healthy, because parents just feel like these huge changes in their children's diets is the only real way to raise a healthy child.

But the Paleo diet is easy for kids to get used to, in fact most kids really like it. Why? Because this diet is based primarily on the foods that your child is likely eating anyway.

Fruits, vegetables, and meat are staples of eating a healthy Paleo diet and there are so many food options that it is almost impossible for kids to get bored.

Unlike so many other diets out there it is easy to see why so many parents love Paleo, because it allows their children to eat foods the way that they were intended to eat foods, from nature.

Paleo diet controversy

Everywhere you look it seems like people are talking about the Paleo diet. Some people have written books, other people have made DVDs, and even celebrities have started swearing by the Paleo diet.

It's no secret, this diet is getting a lot of attention. But whenever something gets so much attention the result is almost always the same. There is always some type of controversy that is started.

And the Paleo diet is no different. So many people swear by this diet, so many people credit this diet for changing their lives, healing them from illness, and making them healthy. It almost seems too good to be true.

The only problem is that we have been taught to believe that if something sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Many people are claiming that the Paleo diet is just another fad, something that is sure to go out of style and fade into the night like so many other diets. But the fact is this, if you really think about it people have been eating Paleo for a long period of time now, even if they did not realize it.

If you think about it, anyone who is trying to eat whole foods is almost definitely eating Paleo.

Remember, Paleo is all about eating foods that can be found in nature and avoiding the foods that are processed in any way. If you have ever known a vegetarian or a vegan they are likely eating a mostly Paleo diet.

The only real difference is that a Paleo rich diet relies on meat in addition to the whole natural foods. Meat is an easy way for your body to get a nice boost of protein, and no matter what your personal beliefs are protein is something that all of our bodies need.

Lastly, people are weary of how the Paleo diet will work with their children. One of the biggest complaints being that parents who use the Paleo diet usually encourage breastfeeding until the child reaches the age of three.

Sure, this might seem unappealing to some people, but the reality is that your child is your own. The Paleo diet is based around what things were like when we were forced to live based on our hunting and gathering skills.

Back then, mothers would eat a Paleo rich diet and then give it to their child through breast milk until sometime around the age of three. This makes some people nervous simply because it is not what we are used to doing.

But in all honesty, as long as you give your child a formula that is rich in vitamins, you should easily be able to start transitioning them into eating Paleo fruits and vegetables when they are a little older.

Remember, you are the parent and at the end of the day only you can determine what is best for your child.

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