Reading - A Force for Good - The Dalai Lama Vision for Our World

by Helene Malmsio

A Force for Good: The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World

Daniel Goldman had the privilege of meeting the Dalai Lama many years ago and formed a close friendship over the decades, resulting in working together on writing and publishing books spreading the Dalai Lama's message worldwide.

"The Dalai Lama's vision urges us to consider promising possibilities beyond the dark and dismal media messages we get daily.

... Such self mastery allows us to better target, cultivate and act on the human values that he sees as forming a universal ethic based on the oneness of humanity and best expressed as compassion toward all" says Goleman.

The book begins with a review/description of the man himself (Tenzin Gyatso)and how he operates in the world in his role, and his "mudita" - his Joy in the Joy of Others.

The author details the 5 hours of meditation practiced every day, his extensive travelling and tours to spread awareness, his penchant for meeting with scientists rather than only participating in religious workshops (maybe he feels he would just be preaching to the converted - lol!)

He clearly has inner balance combined with empathetic attunement, and has learned a high level of emotional hygiene... stating that he was much angrier at age 15 - but that now 30 years later he does not let anger fester - he has developed true RESILIENCE. The author indicates that the Dalai Lama has a well toned Vagal Nerve.

There is a very touching tale about a boy who lost his eyesight in the Irish "troubles" and when the Dalai Lama met him he paid tribute to this man's later work to help reduce others suffering... "Your sight can be taken away, but not your vision"

The book A Force for Good: The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World shares a simple and straightforward message, and the stories and examples do enhance the delivery of it, but I was disappointed to keep reading, only to keep encountering the same fundamental message.

And the message basically is... we all need to learn how to develop our COMPASSION ... for all living things in this world, including those we judge as our enemies.

And to promote compassion for a better world.

The book discusses methods the reader can use to develop greater patience, emotional hygiene, compassion, including using Cognitive Therapy... encouraging an attitude of acceptance and compassion.

In a good way, "Calmness can make us indifferent, like a vegetable" - DL
Basically saying that we don't need to CARE about what or who is upsetting us. This helps us to stay CALM and be more EFFECTIVE as a result.

There are included some good tips and strategies for developing compassion in kids... eg: Grit v. Greed predicts their future.

Also has some suggestions and examples for disarming and deflating Bullies.

Page 42 shares some simple and straightforward Guided Contemplation steps to do for cultivating emotional balance by asking ourselves a series of four questions.

I'll be following that process myself to see if I can raise more compassion and less anger in relation to some of the horrors perpetrated by people in this world. Tough one.

I love the message, but I must say that I felt that the book suffered from padding and needless repetition of the core message.

But, who cares, since the Dalai Lama is a living treasure... and we just can't get enough of him and his philosophy - lol!

He makes me believe that we can individually and as a whole, make massive and ongoing positive change in the world.

He entreats us to ACT NOW and to Persist - even if a cause seems hopeless, do not give up!

"What matters is not what you BELIEVE, but what you DO" - DL

Don't wait for Society to change... start now, wherever you are.

As he also says: "Everyone can find a context where they can make a difference"

For everyone who feels the pain from horrid world events, but can't overcome their boiling anger long enough to calmly take constructive steps toward positive change, this is an effective tool if we choose to apply it.

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