Reading Notes to a Working Woman by Luci Swindoll

by Helene Malmsio

I got this book - Notes to a Working Woman: Finding Balance, Passion, and Fulfillment in Your Life by Luci Swindoll based on the cover and the title... and it wasn’t what I initially expected. Beware of judging a book by its cover – lol!

If you are a working woman who reads books in the ‘Womens Christian Living’ genre then you will want to check out this book. Creating balance of workplace and spirituality is hard for some people who want to follow their beliefs and not feel compromised in the workplace.

And I happily discovered on getting into the book that it became clear that it is simply a sensible and sensitive guide to all women trying to maintain their own identity and values, no matter what your religious beliefs are.

“If you’re a woman who works, this book is for you. Or if you are just launching your career, this will help. It’s possible for women to find meaning in whatever field they choose, without altering any of their standards or precepts or denying the special gift of their womanhood.

So, in the chapters that follow, I’m giving you a road map. With the turning of every page, you’ll see more clearly how to get to your destination. It’s out there, over the horizon, and it’s your own personal niche—the work that’s uniquely suited to you, whether you’re a college senior anticipating a career, a mother reentering the work force, a recent graduate in an entry level position, or a veteran who’s been on the road awhile.

Being a Christian woman with a career is a bit of a dichotomy to some folks; they don’t quite know what to do with us. They feel the two worlds of Christianity and professionalism contradict each other where women are concerned: if you’re a Christian, you should not be interested in this world’s honors and rewards, and your greatest area of significance should be in your home, family, and church.”

One of the pioneering women authors in the contemporary Christian book market, Luci wrote, among other classic titles, You Bring the Confetti, God Brings the Joy and I Married Adventure.

This book is filled with great strategies for self discovery and becoming comfortable about maintaining your personal values and ethics in the workplace and business world.

We are all challenged at some point in our careers by having choices that can help or hinder us spiritually...

“It seems to be characteristic of high achievers to choose what is good for advancement but impoverishing for the spirit. We may be well rewarded and surrounded by possessions of quality but find ourselves in a spiritual vacuum, with inner feelings of emptiness. We have paid for our acquisitions with the loss of emotional and spiritual equilibrium. We simply want too much at the expense of our sanity.”

This note of warning did resonate with me, as an over-achiever who used to regularly work 80 hours a week and feel that this was the minimum required to be an achiever and a good example to my peers and staff...

“But wherever you are, if your whole life is work, you are walking into the same insidious psychological trap.

It’s so easy to get caught. Read the signposts along your professional road, and take heed.

Remember, one’s obsession with work doesn’t come from the organization; it comes from oneself.”

In Signpost #3 section of Notes to a Working Woman she features 10 excellent points to work around and help you to create or craft a life of balance using yourself respect... following your own sense of what you need and what is appropriate.

And in Signpost #4 section a topic is once again covered that I recently read about in a book by Druker I think it was, that discussed the need to plan, and basically rehearse for, your retirement long before you actually do retire.

You need to set up the activities NOW that will make your life fulfilled when you are no longer in the workforce and getting the self esteem and stimulation that a career and work environment can give us.

“As we negotiate this last leg of the road, there’s no need to stop as long as our health remains, but there are reasons to rest more often, reflect on where we’ve come from, and teach others about what to expect.

No matter where you are on the professional road, it’s a good idea to get in touch with who you are now so that during your quieter years you can enjoy the companionship of yourself.

At the same time, keep making new friends and enjoying new beginnings. Stop regretting endings. Life is full of change, crises, faded dreams — we know that by now”

And there follows some great tips for us all on that subject.

That is followed by a series of guides suggesting how to deal with obstacles and roadblocks that trip up many women as they progress in their careers.

Then the author suggest learning from other women who are leading their field. Finding mentors is the fastest and safest way to develop your skills and career... learning from the mistakes of others instead of by your own trial-and-error. Much less painful. Much faster way to find your success in life.

She introduces and interviews five Christian professional women in very different fields of enterprise (listed below) and gets their individual and interesting take on life, spirit and career from their perspective.

I think what the author tries to share in this book is covered in this quote:

“It’s our obligation as Christian professionals to give our best to others, adding dimensions to their lives so they’ll want to give their best to those they meet.

And don’t kid yourself; your public—those you encounter every day knows when it’s getting the best from you. They can tell fresh from leftover.

We can give ourselves to the people around us in a meaningful, eternal, fulfilling way when we permit ourselves to be transformed by God’s energy.”

When Oprah was asked “Oprah, to what do you attribute your success?” she said, “I think it’s the fact that I try to treat people the way I want to be treated.

That’s what makes anybody successful. Every one of you out there can be great if you treat people with love and respect and understanding. You may not be famous, but you can be great.”

A good book in my view. Not one that hits you over the head with the Bible, but gently confirms the value and need for having a strong set of values and beliefs that are spirit based, whatever your religious beliefs.

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Click here to get your copy of this book >> Notes to a Working Woman: Finding Balance, Passion, and Fulfillment in Your Life

An accomplished businesswoman for over thirty years, popular Women of Faith® speaker Luci Swindoll offers practical approaches to help women who work learn how to be the best at what they do while finding fulfillment in their occupations.

In addition, Luci gives in-depth insight by way of engaging converstions on work and life with some extraordinary women.

• Anne Lamott, best-selling author of Traveling Mercies
• Mary Graham, President of Women of Faith®
• Andrea Grossman, President of Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company
• Peggy Wehmeyer, former ABC News Religion Correspondent
• CeCe Winans, singer, songwriter, and founder of Pure Springs Gospel Music Company

In these pages, Luci shares valuable advice and realistic solutions to help you discover ways to integrate Christian principles in your life at work while finding passion and fulfilment in your job.

Whatever your position or occupation, you will find direction and encouragement in Notes to a Working Woman.

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