Reading Womenomics

by Helene Malmsio

This book looks into what has been holding back women from actually enjoying their successes in the workplace and the corporate world.

You can check out the book at this link >> Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success by Shipman and Kay.

The conclusion is that we are so eager to please that we over extend ourselves and don't negotiate with our employers/managers to craft a work schedule to create a better life for ourselves and our families.

It talks about the power of women in the workforce that has been recorded in many formal business surveys and report that from 2007 it has been acknowledged that women employees and management are a key component to the most successful corporation.

As a result of this research, women are now being measured more realistically for their value to the workforce

"Indeed the companies with the very best records of promoting women beat the industry average by 116 percent in terms of equity, 46 percent in terms of revenue, and 41 percent in terms of assets. We’re not economists, but even we can see that, cut it whichever way you like, women are good for profits. (In- deed, the study was called “Women in the Executive Suite Correlate to High Profits.”)"

The book also covers that the main cause for women leaving the workforce is a lack of balance between work and personal life, finding it impossible to please both worlds.

This means that often when employers negotiate with women employees they should bear in mind the value of 'freedom' as a bargaining tool, instead of only focusing on money/salary levels. Offering flexibility in hours and work at home opportunities is often worth more than money to women.

This sometimes results in a 'sideways promotion' or simply staying put instead of an upward career move. But this is not always a bad thing.

Taking time to blend career needs with home needs may simply result in a slight delay or detour in your career path.

“Plateauing” is what Wharton Business School calls this growing lack of appetite for the climb.

“Women are no longer willing to step into the ‘high-potential’ pool of employees in part because they want to be sure they have time for their families,” explains Monica McGrath, a professor at Wharton.

“These women aren’t lacking in ambition and they want to make a difference in their jobs. It’s a question of ‘how much more responsibility can I take on.’”

Women simply don’t have linear career trajectories anymore.
End Quote.

Don’t be shy about this when you are considering your career planning ... its affecting men too!!

".... At Capitol One Judy Pahren saw flexibility was no longer just a “women’s initiative” when they did a follow-up to their survey and included the whole company.

“We realized that flexibility was actually a need across our entire associate base. We had thought that maybe it was gender-based, but it was actually true of the men who worked here too,” said Pahren.

A few months later, the Flexible Work Arrangements program was moved out of the women’s initiative and implemented for the whole company...."

Younger workers are leading the way:
“Generations X and Y do have a very strong work ethic, but they want more balance—a satisfying work and personal life. And that is not just the women...”

What happens when you cut back and compromise your job to suit your personal needs is that you need to put your ego in your back pocket.

I know personally that my self esteem, my ego, is fed by my role and my successes in business... If I'm not able to talk about that, I feel lost ... who am I?

“The ego issue, it’s very difficult,” Sarah acknowledges.
“When I’m having lunch with friends, it’s fine. It’s when I’m at work that it’s harder to reconcile. I used to lead a team, but I scaled back, and now I don’t. You sit in these meetings with people who are executive vice presidents and you know you could do the job just as well but you’ve chosen not to, in order to have time for the kids. It is hard.”

Next the Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success talks about learning how to say "No" with style and no guilt.

This is incredibly difficult for 99% of women in the workplace. We are pleasers by nature, and many women need to feel needed, so they overcompensate by doing much more than is required (or expected) of them.

There are some excellent strategies and suggested wording given in the book for how to elegantly and professionally remove yourself from that sticky situation of being manipulated into accepting tasks that are not your job and that often should not be expected of you.

Next the book details the 9 key steps in working out how to achieve the magic sense of balance in your work and personal life.

Rule One: Negotiate from a Position of Fact-Based Strength
Rule Two: Perform Well and Know It
Rule Three: Never Negotiate in Anger
Rule Four: Know What You’re Asking For
Rule Five: Be Prepared to Reassure Your Boss, on Every Level
Rule Six: Remember—You’re Dealing with a Jittery Child.
Rule Seven: Use Economics to Your Advantage
Rule Eight: Now That You’ve Got Your Deal, Don’t Take It for Granted
Rule Nine: Know When to Quit

Overall I found this to be a good helpful guide for women who have not yet worked out their value to their workplace and have trouble negotiating to meet their needs while balancing their careers.

“A personal, provocative, and challenging book for career women who want less guilt, more life.”
—Diane Sawyer

Get the book here >> Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success

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