Reiki Healing 101

Before we go into too much detail about Reiki healing, we will first discuss what exactly it is. The practice is based on your spiritual energy (which you may hear referred to as Reiki, however, this is not the name of the energy, it's the method that is called Reiki). The confusion may come from the meaning of the word reiki, which is universal spiritual energy.

The system was created by the Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui and it took him 20 years to fully achieve enlightenment (also known as Satori). The system requires you to be initiated into it and this requires attunement – this is something that every practitioner must go through.

Despite the fact that there are a variety of guides and books on the matter attunement is not something that you can reach on your own, practitioners must be guided to this state by someone else.

Bear this in mind if you are interested in becoming a practitioner or are looking for someone who can practice reiki healing on you.

A History Of Reiki

As noted, Usui (1846-1926) discovered the art and as he self-attuned started to share the knowledge with others. This was passed on to thousands of different people, but only dozens of teachers.

It was one of these teachers who would eventually bring the practice to the United States.

Now, whether you are in the US or a far-flung corner of the world, it's fairly easy to find a qualified Reiki teacher who can initiate you.

While the system originates from a Buddhist practice (there is a similar version related to the Shinto religion as well), you do not need to be a Buddhist to enjoy the healing powers of Reiki.

The energy has always existed; Reiki has just provided a way to harness it for healing. The practice has three degrees (first, second, and third) with the first being an introduction to the energy and the healing process.

The second is for focus and the third is the point at which you can attune others. The process takes years.
Healing Reiki

Reiki healing isn't just for the physical self; it can also help heal your emotions, soul, and even your mind.

When it comes to the physical, there have been reports of barren women being able to conceive after undergoing Reiki healing. It's also a common solution for aches and pains.

For those interested in other realms, some people use Reiki to cleanse their chakras and remove any blockages that could be preventing them from getting in touch with their psychic intuition.

It may also help you handle personal problems because it helps restore balance.

It can assist you in dealing with issues in your career, with your family, handling typical life problems, and dealing with unfinished business that may be affecting your energy.

Additionally, it may aid your spiritual growth. This is because, much like with psychic intuition, blockages in your energy can stunt your growth.

Removing those blockages helps you to purge negative habits from your life, which makes it easier to improve your life by finding your truth and chasing your passion.

Reiki helps you on your journey to becoming a better you and a better person.

Reiki isn't just helpful for people who become initiated in it, though, you can channel your healing powers to plants, animals, and even other people.

If you are practicing it on someone else (or having it practiced on you), there is no need to physically touch or be touched.

No, the practitioner simply hovers their hands over the problem area and channels their energy to it.

It doesn't take long before the area heats up intensely and healing starts to take effect. This healing energy is not limited to your physical body. For those who practice Reiki, it is life changing.

Ways Energy Healing Can Serve You

Typically, therapy (of any kind) is designed to help you identify your wounds. Once you find those wounds you can begin the healing process.

Unfortunately, for many people, there is no blueprint that shows you how to go about healing those wounds.

What can help you heal old wounds, though, is energy healing. The idea of energy healing is often met with skepticism, though many are also curious about it.

We want to address both your curiosity on the subject, as well as your skepticism.

First of all, what is energy healing? It’s the practice of using the body’s energy to remove blockages to allow the body to heal itself.

Ancient cultures have been studying the body’s energy since the beginning of time. Reiki is a Japanese practice that can be traced back to the early 20th century.

Hindu texts describe our chakras and in traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are the focus of acupuncture.

The point is, all of these cultures recognized the importance of the body’s energy.

To show you exactly what that means in practice, let’s take a look at 5 ways energy healing can serve you.

1. Better Digestion

One of the greatest benefits of energy healing is how it influences your cells. Ultimately, if your cells are happy, then your organs and digestive tract will operate optimally. That’s good news for your whole body.

Just think about the issues that come with poor digestion – you may have bowel issues such as constipation or deal with indigestion and heartburn.

We underestimate just how important our digestive tract is to our overall health and wellness.

Constipation leads to mood swings and headaches, while heartburn can impact your ability to sleep at night.

2. The Law of Attraction

It’s all about making yourself a manifestation magnet. When you achieve balanced energy, your soul will be fully aligned with yourself.

This healing opens you up to attract the good in the world and repel everything else.

Energy healing is the key to the law of attraction. If your mindset and experiences attract the same back… then it’s vital that your energy is positive, otherwise, you are unknowingly attracting negative energy and events into your life.

3. Improved Intuition

Every one of us has built-in intuition. How connected we are to it is an entirely different story. When you talk about your instincts or your gut talking to you, it’s your intuition.

Self-awareness is the key to hearing and understanding the inner voice that is guiding you. Energy healing will help you do that, as well as create an open mind and allow you to get in touch with your intuition on a deeper level.

4. Weight Loss

When your body functions properly maintaining your weight is a cinch. This is because your body naturally releases toxins, but when you have blockages… it isn’t as simple as that.

Energy healing can purge those blockages to clear trapped feelings and emotions that drive your cravings. Clear those blockages and you will avoid overeating.

It’s easy to understand why you’re carrying extra baggage when you experience blockage clearance through energy healing.

5. Pain Relief

Energy healing practitioners work with your body’s energy to clear residual tension.

The energy at the core of your body will shift and release all of those tensions and blockages, thus relieving your pain.

You might just be surprised by how many blockages and how much tension you have stored in the tendons, muscles, and joints of your body.

Energy healing is one of the most effective ways to purge that tension and restore your body to balanced bliss.

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