Seriously - You Hate Your Own Company That Much???

by Helene Malmsio

There was a small story in at least two of the papers I read today that basically says you would rather electrocute yourself than spend a few minutes alone just THINKING in your own company... REALLY???

Yep, I kid you not.

The Universities of Viginia and Harvard, undertook 11 separate studies to make sure they got this right.

Over 200 people participated, and over half were prepared to give themselves an electric shock as a distraction to the discomfort and boredom of just sitting in a room by themselves with nothing to do.

Alone in a room for how long do you ask? Was it 5 hours.... 2 days .... no, try FIFTEEN MINUTES alone!!!

Quote from "Science" Journal: "Most people do not enjoy 'just thinking' and clearly prefer having something else to do"

The 200 subjects were told they could give themselves a small electric shock if they desired.

(It doesn't say what age the research subjects are, but I suspect YOUNG)

Get this:

Two thirds of the male subjects gave themselves at least one electric shock - and even one quarter of the women, decided to shock themselves.

Why am I so shocked (pun intended) by this?

Because it beggars belief that half the population... 50% of the people you know, live with, work with, are so desperate for distraction and entertainment to be created FOR them, that they would HURT THEMSELVES for amusement!!

Can you already work out which 50% of the people you know would be the ones most likely to do this to themselves?

Would YOU be one of them - lol!!!

Personally I venture to suggest that this sad lack of capacity to just stay silent and alone for a small time is a sign or symptom of the social media and constant never ending feed of 'entertainment' that is online nowadays.

If you cannot endure a meal of just sitting enjoying the food and the company with you, without constantly checking your smart phones, I can well imagine that 15 minutes in your own company would bore you (even more) stupid.

God help us all.... and next they will Vote... and breed... *sigh*

... Comment to share? Fess up, do you know who in your group would do this to break their boredom... would you do it to yourself???

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I think it has to do with value
by: crystal touchton

I thought it was pretty interesting and am curious as to the age range.

When I was in my teens and early 20s I found it difficult to spend time alone and wouldn't dine alone.

Now in my 30s, I enjoy some time alone to think and kind of reset.

In my opinion it's seeing the value in things.

When we're younger it's go, go, go, but as we get older we realize there is value in being alone in our own head.

If someone doesn't see the value in alone time, maybe they feel taking the shock has more value to them because they're minimizing lost time.

I also think this ties into the focus we have on time management.

We preach time management so much, the time spent "doing nothing" is deemed as wasteful and maybe guilt sets in.

It's an interesting topic with so many possible factors.

Crystal -


Hi Crystal!

I think its a real bucket of worms... and would have liked to know the age group too.... I suspect they would be Uni students or similar, participating in the uni studies.

But seriously, not to put up with 15 minutes on your own... wow!!

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