Simple Measures to Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I know what I'm talking about here when I say that Chronic fatigue is an illness that you must not take for granted.

If it persists for a long time, it can lead to serious other health troubles specifically related to the immune system.

I waited too long to take action, as we didn't even know what it was back in the mid 1970's so my case was deep and resistant to therapy by the time I had any knowledge about how to deal with it.

In most cases, chronic fatigue is suffered by almost all people – those who have hectic schedule, bad lifestyle habits, and even those who have reasonably normal duration of sleep every night.

So, if you find yourself having bouts of CFS symptoms, perhaps it is time for you to check your lifestyle and health habits.

Here are some simple yet proven ways to help you to overcome or avoid the illness.

Keeping Healthy

Though there are other causes, fatigue and tiredness often is the result when you have chronic flu which lasts for months.

The lack of proper nutrition in your body decreases the immune system; therefore, making your body weak and more susceptible to sicknesses.

Vitamin C is a great booster to your immune system so include this in your diet along with healthy food intake and enough rest.

Managing Stress Level

High stress level is never good for anyone's health condition as it makes you get tired so easily.

High stress level is often achieved when you are having heated arguments with another, having problems at the office, having a conflict with another that cause your anger or emotional level to rise up.

When you can't manage your stress level, it is easy for you to be targeted by the chronic fatigue syndrome.

But the good news is it is easy to get rid of your stress.

Just try to do exercises, maybe a walk on weekends around the park or any kind of exercise regimen that will refresh and relax your body.

Avoiding Too Much Night Time Activities

It isn't always easy to avoid the night life, or if you are a night owl by habit, you can work through the night.

It just feels good to visit the local nightclub, search for restaurants offering unique foods, and hang out with friends.

However, being up until early in the morning is never good for the body as it is meant to rest a certain amount of time.

It causes fatigue the following morning especially if you are going for work or school.

I find it incredibly difficult to stop working at night, it is so simple with the laptop going with the TV in the background... but it is important to know how to PACE yourself and not burn the candle all night long.

Avoiding Caffeine as Energy Booster

Coffee has always been the good companion especially of people who need to wake up in the middle of the day and at night.

But using it as energy booster can lead to health problems as it only gives temporary measures and can aggravate chronic fatigue condition.

To wake up quickly in the mornings, drink apple juice!

Drinking Dark Chocolate

It is found at the pilot study that eating or drinking dark chocolate which has high contents of cocoa is good for overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is because it contains a chemical, serotonin, which has been found to be responsible for giving benefits to the brain.

Also, dark chocolates contain polyphenols, another chemical which was found to have great benefits in reducing blood pressure.

It can also provide relief to patients who suffer with chronic fatigue.

So, instead of coffee, you may opt to take dark chocolate into your diet to help overcome your fatigue problems.

Chronic fatigue is an illness that one must never neglect as it can lead to more serious problems.

Avoiding it, or stopping it from becoming more serious by taking the above simple ways will bring significant impact to your life.

I didn't know then what I know now... so over the past 35 years I have developed rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems, calcified tendon, and so many replases its a joke.

Living a simpler life is always one effective way of leading a healthy lifestyle, free of illnesses, which not to mention, can be very expensive to attend to.

I have finally been able to 'go bush' and live a rural lifestyle, away from the city toxins and pollution, and in the past couple of years have 'retired' from my business so that I can fully concentrate on my health and wellness.

I wish you the good fortune to be able to have the time and opportunity for you to fully research and do whatever it takes for you to fully recover from your chronic fatigue syndrome.

Learn more about CFS causes, symptoms and natural fatigue remedies when you read the rest of our information here about: How to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS.


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