Some gift ideas for Christmas for men

Sports are so important to most men, that entire man caves have been dedicated to team themes.

Young, middle aged or old - men are going to either engage in or be lifelong fans of sports, which is why this is one category where you can find some great gift ideas.

If that special guy in your life is a fan of playing football, then there is a ton of equipment you can get for him.

This equipment is handy whether he’s a grown man playing a pickup game or he’s part of an organized team.

Blocking dummies are good for teaching young men who play school sports ways to improve their defense and offense skills.

It’s a talent that will come in handy no matter what position he plays.

Body pads that help protect from injury are great gift ideas, as are gloves and helmets.

High performance cleats can give him an edge on the field and you can find extra things like socks, mouthpieces and shoulder pads.

Guys love footballs - whether they’re leather, rubber, licensed or inscribed with their favorite team logos.

Maybe basketball is more the sport of your guy’s choice and if that’s the case, you can always start with the important pieces related to the game.

One of those pieces is the hoop and backboard. You want a durable backboard that will last and a hoop with a quality net that won’t tear.

Braces to support the knees are a good idea and so are shoes specifically designed to handle the pounding on the court.

You don’t want to skimp on the basketball you choose, either.

Get a name brand ball that will hold air and last, but make sure you get accessories like an air pump so that the ball will always be ready for play.

Baseball might be his favorite pastime to engage in. If that’s what he likes, you can find plenty of gifts with bats and gloves, helmets and catcher’s mitts.

Carry all bags for the equipment are a good idea, too.

For those who live in a colder climate or have an indoor rink, playing hockey is a sport many men love to play.

You can find tons of equipment online for this game. Hockey sticks of course, are a basic item you’ll want to start with, followed by decent skates and pucks.

The helmet with the face cage is a great gift, too. If you want to pick up a big item, you can go with a hockey goal or net.

If there’s not a place to play hockey, you can even buy a kit for him to create his own ice rink.

Other sports your guy might like to take part in include tennis and golf. With tennis, you can get the racquets and balls at decent prices.

Successful golfing is a result of practice, but the equipment (like top of the line clubs and balls) plays a role, too.

Maybe your guy doesn’t like to play sports but he is a fan.

For him, you can pick up sports jerseys, hats, balls or other accessories of his favorite team.

If you want to splurge, then you might consider getting an item that’s been signed by his favorite player.


Every guy is always going to have tools that are his favorites. Some men use multiple tools and some will use tools that are capable of doing several jobs in one.

He can have his hand tools that drill a screw through a wall in the blink of eye, or nail guns that are so sophisticated, they’ll indicate when the loaded nail supply is low.

To know which tool the man you’re shopping for uses or will like, you’ll have to do a little snooping.

If it’s a tool that your guy uses often, he’s going to keep it in an easy to reach place wherever he stores his tools.

Some guys like particular styles of tools - like battery operated versus electric, etc.

When you’re doing online shopping, the best way that you can select the right tool is by checking out the consumer reviews.

You want to ignore any negative reviews that talk about how long the tool took to get there, because that has no bearing on the tool itself.

Check out the consumer reviews that give you details about the tool.

These will talk about the torque or horsepower, how easy the tool is to use and the reliability.

You might even find some comparisons to other tools in the review section that help guide you to a better option.

Most men want a wide selection of tools to make doing odd jobs around the house (or helping friends out) go a lot faster and easier, so you can’t go wrong with picking up the basics - like a drill, saw or sander - or even a combo kit.

Not all of the tools that men want have anything to do with fixing stuff.

Sometimes guys want tools because they like working with their hands or have a hobby like woodworking.

For that, they’ll need some specialty tools like a lathe. These are going to vary in size and motor rpm.

A drill press is always a good idea when you’re looking for woodworking tools. You’ll also want to pick up a knife set and a vise, too.

The bit accessories and other attachments go hand in hand with woodworking tools, so you’ll need to pick up several of these - but what you can do is forego buying these a few at a time and just get one of those carrying case box sets. These sets have several pieces in them.

If he loves woodworking, don’t forget to pick up a planer. You can get a really great deal on the portable ones.

For smaller accessories to go along with a bigger item, pick up some blades or sanding strips or clamps. Your guy will love all the new tools.

If he’s always doing basic home repairs and odd jobs, then look into the various measuring and layout tools sold online.

Levelers and line lasers are always good for home projects.

When you’re buying tools for a man in your life, the best thing you can do is take a peek at what he already has (and how worn it is) and then upgrade him to a better one.

Or, keep your ears tuned into what he gripes about when it comes to tools as he’s doing tasks around the house.

Has he mentioned wishing he had a cordless drill? Jot it down and surprise him with one for Christmas!

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