Some great Christmas gift ideas for men

Electronics are a perfect gift choice for most men for Christmas

It’s a known fact that men are into electronics of all kinds. They’ll try new gadgets quicker than women will and they love technology in all shapes and sizes, always on the hunt for what’s newly released, so they make a great Christmas gift for the men in your life.

Televisions are always a main fare in electronics for men. LCD, LED, HDTV, 3-D, Cinema Screen - whatever it offers, they want it.

You’ll find flat screen televisions online that offer amazingly clear pictures with sound pitch that’s incredible thanks to surround sound.

One of the things that guys like with these newer version televisions is that many of them come with a game mode.

You can get built in Wi-Fi, Skype, picture sharing and even social networking. It’s electronic ingenuity that’s so beautiful, it could almost be called art.

Since men also love movies, they enjoy getting the best DVD or Blu Ray players.

Some of the ones that have been released in the market lately have the 3-D feature and also have Wi-Fi, so they get a lot of extras.

And of course when you pick up a DVD player, there are thousands of movies that you can choose from that make great gifts to go along with the player itself.

Also in the electronics department among the stuff that men crave are cameras - and you can search such a wide range here.

Even the simple cameras have great picture taking capabilities.

You can go with a point and shoot with a stabilization feature in a digital camera, all the way to the professional cameras.

These digital cameras can be purchased as a stand alone item, or you can get them in a bundle so that he’ll get all of the great features - like adjustable shutter speed, computerized as well as manual light settings and special settings like movie, sunset, etc.

In a bundle, you’ll also get the accessories - like a carrying case, attachable flash, batteries, mini tripod and more.

Video cameras are so different today and guys love these. They’re streamlined, so many of them are palm sized.

They have features like zoom, face recognition, and USB for loading the video onto a laptop. You can get ones with flip out screens, waterproof ones and even surveillance ones that are voice activated.

Cell phones today often function as more than just a phone and guys love this. Some cell phones have music players, cameras and even video players built in.

You can get phones that have the easy touch screen and offer larger than normal slide open keyboards. Games come free with many of the cell phones and you can get them with or without Internet capability.

Video games will always rank high with grown men. Not only can you get the latest games for solo gaming, but these are also great ways to interact with players from all over the world. They make a great gift that provides hours of fun.

Guys don’t like electronics just for the home - they also enjoy them in their cars. Some of the top listed favorites for men are CD/CD-RW stereos that are easy to install.

You can get touchscreen monitors on these as well as on DVD players and monitors for a vehicle.

Men love to have chargers for their cars or trucks that they can use for their phones or music equipment.

While most guys won’t ever stop and ask for directions, they do enjoy having and using a GPS, because these handy gadgets also have point of interest like restaurants or favorite spots and will store this information in the database.

Computers are electronics that offer the technology guys love. From the desktop versions with LCD flat monitors to handy laptops, you’ll find it all online.

With the latest computers, you can get the most recent version of the operating software.

The desktop computers are so compact now that they easily fit onto or under a desk without taking up too much room.

And the features offered by both desktops and laptops are nothing short of astonishing.

They make movies, have built in cameras, offer face to face chat with webcams – and there are some decent speakers with the new laptops and desktops that guys just love.

Mens Cologne Gifts

Women love it when a man walks by wearing the right cologne. If it’s a male friend or father, there’s always that nostalgic feeling you may associate with that scent.

But you might not know what his brand is when it comes to cologne and it’s important that you know his preferences.

Some men have no problem wearing whatever fragrance it is that you want him to wear. They may have a variety of scents they put on throughout the month. But others have a tried and true favorite.

There’s an easy way to find out what type of cologne the men in your life like to wear. It’s as easy as checking out what he has stashed on his bathroom counter or bedroom dresser.

When you do your checking, you can also get a good idea for the particular size that he likes, too. Some guys like larger bottles of cologne while some prefer those mini sets.

If you notice he switches things up from time to time with his scents, or has one scent for day and one for evenings, then the mini sets are the perfect gift choice because you can get ones with different colognes in them.

Not all mini cologne sets will only have cologne in them.

You can find gift sets that also contain shaving cream as well as lotion in addition to the cologne. Or, you could splurge and get him full sizes of everything to keep him stocked up.

The way that cologne is applied matters to men. Some men prefer a splash on cologne that can be applied with their hands.

They pour a bit into the palm of their hands and pat it onto their neck.

But others like to use a spray bottle to apply the cologne. The difference in how to apply the cologne is a matter of preference. However, there can be varying concentrations of the scents.

You can get less or more concentration depending on the type of cologne.

Most splashes last longer per expiration date than spray on colognes, but usually don’t have as much of the concentrated fragrance.

If you’re not sure what your guy would like, you can always choose one of the sampler sets, which will give him some different options.

Whether you buy name brand, celebrity scents or classic favorites, you’ll want to pay attention to the initials when you’re buying cologne.

The initials will let you know the concentration in the product.

For example, EDC is for Eau de Cologne, which has a stronger, more pure concentration than EDT which is Eau de Toilette.

Look for a mens cologne gift sets that best suits your man’s needs. If he only uses cologne, you can get individual bottles of that.

But if you notice he uses shower gel, aftershave balm, hair and body wash and deodorant (which all men usually do), then you can find gift sets that include those, too.

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