Stress Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

In previous eras, men and women alike were taught to handle stress by plowing through it – ignoring it and overcoming whatever came their way. And there’s some truth to that mindset being a strong one.

There are things that you can’t do anything about, that you simply need to push through until you reach the other side. But we’ve also come a long way in admitting that self care has been lacking in modern days, and stress is more prevalent than ever.

It’s vital that you know how to maneuver the world of stress that encompasses you – from career chaos to technology stress, hitting you 24/7 as you go about your day managing email, using social media, and more.

Some people still feel awkward using stress relief measures to handle their moods, though. You shouldn’t. Stress relief is a growing trend and movement among all ages and both genders.

There’s no shame in taking care of yourself. In fact, it’s admirable and many will be envious of your ability to meet your own needs as opposed to hiding from the chronic stress that threatens to overwhelm you.

Using stress relief methods does not make you look weak. It simply makes you look informed about the issue and proactive in your approach to your own well-being. So now, all you have to do is find what works best for you.

If it still makes you uneasy, then you’ll be glad to know that stress relief isn’t something you have to announce to the world. Nobody has to know about it, but you – not even your partner or friends or coworkers.

It’s something you can do at any time – in your mind, such as visualization techniques that help you envision as better immediate and long-term future.

You can choose exercise as your form of stress relief and while others may think it’s simply a health-conscious decision, you’ll know it’s for the release of mod-boosting endorphins.

You can listen to motivating and inspiring content on your headphones, embrace music or scents to relax you, and nobody will think anything other than it’s an ambiance preference when you do it.

There’s no need to announce what you’re doing to the world. That’s something many people have become accustomed to – making statements on social media and putting a spotlight on themselves as they work out issues. But that’s not a necessity, and in fact could be more of a hindrance to you.

Get Ready to Confront Your Emotions

There’s something you need to get real about, and it’s probably something that will make you uncomfortable. It’s the fact that you’ve been covering up your true emotions with a slew of stress relieving products.

That’s something that is highly recommended in terms of stress management, but not if you refuse to deal with the root of the problem. You have to learn how to handle feelings and situations, not just address stress as it occurs.

Doing that merely alleviates the stress temporarily, and you know that pretty soon, it will return – often even more stressful than previously, because it’s building up with no resolution, as opposed to being solved.

Let’s look at couple of common examples with stress due to relationships. Let’s say you have a negative relationship with a family member – like a toxic parent. Instead of addressing and finding a solution, you simply continue exposing yourself to that person and trying to recover from the emotional turmoil with stress relief methods.

What you should be doing is addressing the problem with that person. You can try talking to them about it, or going to counseling with them, but if that all fails, then you have to be protective of yourself first and foremost.

You need to set boundaries in place, which may range from limiting conversations to certain topics to distancing yourself or even shutting them out of your life completely, depending on how severe the emotional stress is.

Family relationships are not something you choose – you’re born into them. And as much as others would like to believe the bonds are unbreakable, sometimes you have to break them or change them if you want to live a healthy, emotionally stable life.

Another relationship issue might be a toxic relationship with your spouse or partner. In this case, you’ve made a promise to them as a couple, but you can’t ignore the issues causing you harm. So it’s important that you take proactive measures to solve the disconnect.

This requires both people to actively engage in a solution. You can try to handle things on your own, and if it’s you who needs to change, then that’s doable. But if the other person needs to be onboard, then no amount of aromatherapy or yoga can help you live a better life as long as the stress is in the mix.

Reach out to the people involved in your stress situation – whether it’s a coworker, friend, family member or other individual and see if you can be honest about your feelings and proactive with an approach that might improve the situation to some degree – make it more manageable.

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