The Benefits of Yoga and Some Basic Yoga Postures

A great way to get natural stress relief and increase your lifelong fitness is practicing yoga.

Yoga positions will teach you balance and to gradually get your body back into balance so both sides will be equal in strength and flexibility.

Yoga will help you to achieve harmony and balance in both body and mind.

You can practice yoga at any age and if you have any specific conditions you can modify some postures to suit your circumstances.

Some postures look quite difficult and you may not be able to do them perfectly at first, but with some practice you will soon be able to do postures well.

If you find a position impossible to do then just move on to another one, you should never become stressed or anxious over a yoga posture.

Yoga should be a relaxing and stress free natural health therapy, yet it is still a very powerful form or exercise.

Basic yoga postures 1: The Bow.

Take this posture in easy stages. Lie face down on your mat.

As you inhale bend your knees up.

Stretch back with your arms and grab hold of your ankles, keeping your fingers and thumbs all together on the outside.

As you inhale again raise your head and chest, pulling your ankles and lifting your knees and thighs off the floor.

Breathe normally as you try to kick your legs up higher and lift your head up.

In this position you are bent like a bow with the weight of your body balanced on your abdomen.

If you feel this is as far as you can go then stop here, but if you feel you can go further then slide your hands down your legs, lift them higher, keep your knees together and pull back as far as you can.

Hold this position for a few breathes and then relax back into the face prone position.

Turn your head to one side and relax.

Basic yoga postures 2: The Cobra.

With this posture you will lay face down, your legs tightly together and stretched back and your forehead on the floor.

Place your hands, palms facing down, just under your shoulders.

As you inhale, raise your head, pressing your neck back, then use your hands to push up your trunk until you are bending in an arc from your lower spine to the back of your neck.

If you feel this is your limit then stop here, but if you feel you can go further then straighten your arms completely, bend the legs at the knees and drop your head back to touch your feet.

At first, your head may be nowhere near your feet and that is fine, just drop it back as far as comfortably possible.

Hold this posture while breathing deeply.

Come out of the posture slowly, returning to the face down position.

Relax with your head to one side for a few moments and then repeat.

Basic yoga postures 3: Triang Mukhaipada Paschimottanasana

With this position you need to sit with your legs stretched out in front.

Bend the right leg and place the right foot near the right hip with the toes pointing back and the calf pressed against the right thigh.

The natural response of the body is to tilt when in this position so put a small folded towel under the left buttock to keep the hips level.

The forward stretch needs to be even and extended.

Hold the left foot with both hands and inhale, bending forward, keeping both knees together as you stretch your body over the straight leg.

If you cannot reach the left foot then just hold the knee, shin or ankle, just go as far as you comfortably can.

Sit and breathe deeply.

If your muscles are tight it can take lots of practice of this pose before you will become more flexible and find the pose much easier.

Release the hold and straighten the bent leg and then repeat on the other side.

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