Tips for pet snake care

If you are considering adopting a snake pet it is a good thing that you are doing some research first.

Caring for a snake pet can at some times be a bit of a tough job if you don’t know what you are doing.

Taking the time to learn about snakes, their needs, their health problems, and all the various things to look out for is a big help to making an informed decision before you buy.

These amazing and exotic pet reptiles can in some breeds be dangerous and prone to wild mood swings and flexible temperaments that could cause harm to the snake’s owner.

So you will need to have proper training and dedication into making a snake happy and contented. Need tips on snake-handling? Read on!

1) Get the tame ones

Studies have shown that captive bred snakes are more likely to be better pets than their wild counterparts.

This is because these creatures are already ‘softened up’ and generally conditioned by the snake breeders to being handled by you and is more used to human presence, unlike wild-bred ones.

This type of snake from the wild is more aggressive and easily feels threatened when approached by a human.

This increases the risk of harm inflicted to the owner.

2) Conditions

A healthy snake is a cold-blooded one. Surrounding temperatures, which differ for different snakes, need to be kept constant to allow the snakes to maintain their blood temperature.

They can also wriggle through any tiny gaps and holes in their enclosure, if there is any.

So, your best bet is a sealed, ventilated and temperature-controlled snake cage.

3) Proper research

Find out everything you need about your scaly friend and about caring for snakes.

Sometimes, something as mundane as feeding a snake can be quite complicated.

Some snakes will only take live prey and ignore pre-killed ones.

Others can only feed on certain types of rodents.

It is also advisable to feed newborn snakes small portions of pre-killed prey.

They can be quite hesitant in killing moving targets and may be injured in the process.

You also have to be able to ‘read’ the snake.

Knowing your snake’s pattern of behavior may come in handy when he’s sick.

That way, you can quickly treat it before its condition deteriorates.

Learn to look for signs of illness and how to treat them.

Talk to your local vet to make sure they are skilled in reptile health if you need them for your snake.

Snakes care, no matter what you choose as your pet, has never been easy or for the faint hearted.

For pet snakes, your responsibility doesn't end when you have chosen the species.

You should be familiar with the correct care and feeding of snakes, the behavioral characteristic, and have the commitment to keep snakes as pets.

It is absolutely essential that anyone new to caring for snakes or thinking about buying a pet snake gets as much information as possible about how to be a responsible owner and keep you snake healthy.

A good snake care book will provide all the information you need, including how to breed snakes, and will be a helpful resource for you for the entire lifetime of your snake.

You can also learn invaluable information from other snake owners by becoming a member of forums populated by other reptile lovers.

Learn more about the care of exotic pets when you read the rest of our information here about: How to look after a pet snake

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Crazy for snakes?
by: Helene

Tips for pet snake care You should be familiar with the correct care and feeding of snakes, the behavioral characteristic, and have the commitment to keep snakes as pets.
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