Top 10 Things Confident People Avoid Doing

Confident people don’t just do and think certain things, but they also avoid thinking and doing certain things. If you want to have more confidence, consider avoiding these things, too.

It’s easier to climb a mountain without carrying a rock. Drop the habits and other behaviors that burden your ability to feel confident.

Without these obstacles getting in your way, you’ll create a new ceiling for your confidence. Make it as easy as possible to have confidence in yourself.

Avoid these confidence-destroying traps:

1. Negative self-talk.

You can’t feel confident and say negative things to yourself. If you want to feel positive about yourself, it helps to have a positive outlook.

Negative thoughts drain away positive emotions, including the positive feeling of confidence.

2. Self-criticism.

Remind yourself of your successes and keep self-criticism at bay. Be your own best friend and supporter.

3. People that sabotage them.

Most of the people in your life don’t want to see your success rise too far above their own.

If you want to maximize your self-confidence, it’s best to avoid these people as much as possible.

4. Complaining.

Complaining is insidious. It suggests that you can’t fix the challenges in your life. Instead of complaining, work on a solution.

Know in your heart that you can handle any challenge in your life and do it.

5. Seeking attention.

Confident people don’t need a lot of attention from others. If you’re confident in yourself, you’ll be too busy taking care of business to worry if others are paying attention.

Only those lacking in confidence need attention and approval.

6. Worrying about what others are doing.

Be confident that you have a good plan and are capable of executing it. Let everyone wonder what you’re doing instead of worrying about what they’re doing.

7. Allowing a lack of information or certainty to stop them.

People that lack confidence need 100% certainty. Those that are confident can take action with far less than complete information.

70% is usually enough to get started. Be confident and get busy.

8. Avoiding making decisions.

Rash decisions usually turn out poorly but taking too long to make a decision is ineffective, too.

Confident people make decisions more quickly and easily than those that are lacking in confidence. Indecisiveness is just a form of procrastination.

9. Relying on luck.

Luck is for those without the confidence to take responsibility. Wish, hope, or pray all you like, but keep moving your feet.

Confident people will take luck when they get it, but they don’t rely on it. They know they will succeed without it.

10. Making excuses.

Excuses are a way for those without confidence to justify quitting. If you’re confident, you don’t look for excuses.

You look for solutions and then implement them. If you catch yourself making excuses, ask yourself why you’re doing it.

How confident are you? What would happen if you could become the most confident person you know? The difference in your life would be staggering.

Confident people avoid certain things. If you want to be confident, it makes sense to avoid those same things.

How confident do you want to be?

Top 10 Ways to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt

Fear and self-doubt can be crippling. It’s not easy to enjoy your life or to achieve great things when you’re afraid or doubt your capabilities.

Many people stay away from situations that trigger these mental states, but that’s a severely limited way to approach life.

Most of the best things in life lie on the other side of fear and doubt!

Banish fear and self-doubt from your life with these strategies:

1. Tackle smaller fears first.

The way to become good at handling big fears is to tackle small fears first. Look at the things that make you just a little bit uncomfortable and force yourself to do them.

You'll notice that they become a little easier to do the next time. Then move on to more moderate fears and force yourself to do those too.

Prove to yourself that you can overcome your fears. You'll start to believe that you can do almost anything.

2. Examine the source of your self-doubt.

Why do you have self-doubt? What is the source of your doubt? Is this source reliable?

Perhaps you’ll realize that you don't have a reason to doubt yourself at all.

3. Stay present with your thoughts.

When we allow ourselves to look into the future, we are burning with worry. When you look ahead, you're likely to assume the worst.

Keep your mind in the present, and you'll find that your fear diminishes.

4. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Think about the worst possible reasonable outcome. How bad would that be? How would you respond to that?

Creating a plan that you can put into place for dealing with that worst possible outcome will lessen your fear.

5. Breathe.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just breathe. Slow, deep breaths help to calm down your physiology and reduce the fight or flight response.

Deep breathing can be an effective way to reduce the fear and self-doubt you're feeling.

6. Skip being perfect.

Perfection is unattainable. The pursuit of perfection creates anxiety. Certainly, you'll feel self-doubt if perfection is your goal.

Be realistic and your fear and self-doubt will be minimized.

You don’t have to be right or successful very often to have an amazing life!

7. Realize that everyone has fears.

You're not alone. In fact, fear can be an advantage. When you're able to overcome your fears, and others are not, you have a great advantage over all of your competition.

8. Pretend you’re courageous.

Imagine how you would stand, think, and breathe if you were the bravest person on the face of the Earth.

Allow yourself to have that posture and those thoughts. Notice how much more courageous you feel.

9. Visualize success.

Visualize yourself being successful. The more times you can see yourself being successful, the less fear you'll feel, and your confidence will grow.

10. Take action.

Taking action is one of the best ways to overcome fear. Even if you're afraid at the beginning, your fear will shrink in the face of your activity.

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part.

How much do fear and self-doubt control your decisions? How much more could you accomplish if you were able to overcome these mental states? Avoid the urge to give in to these emotions.

You can be and experience more! Overcome your fears and refuse to allow self-doubt to limit your life.

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