Top Dog Toys and Gifts for Christmas

K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-warming Pet Bed

Dogs are a part of the family, so finding Christmas gifts for dogs means buying something that will make your pet feel loved.

If you happen to have a small dog, you can pick up a basket that attaches to the front of your bike so that you can take him along when you go.

It’s great exercise for you, and a great outing for him.

At home, there isn’t a dog anywhere who doesn’t love to get up on the sofa to stretch out.

You can give him a nice dog bed that’s in the form of a sofa and he’ll love it. If you get one of the self-warming ones, he’s going to want to sleep in every day!

Heated cushions are also good for older dogs.

If you travel with your pet, you’ll want to pick up an automobile pet bed so that he can sleep safely while you drive.

Dogs are so funny and so heartwarming with the way that they love to play and interact with their human families.

They enjoy dog toys that you’ll use to play with them and you can get a variety of toys like a flying disc that he’ll chase after and bring back to you.

There are also balls that are made like tennis balls with plenty of bounce that he’ll go after and some dogs will even whip these into the air and amuse themselves.

Dogs also love rope toys that they can play tug of war with.

Gift baskets make excellent Christmas gifts for dogs and are filled with toys, treats and bath solutions.

Dog collars are festive and you can get these with candy canes, reindeer and even jingle bells on them.

In the cooler winter weather around the holidays, you want to make sure that your pet stays warm because dogs can catch colds just like humans can. Snuggle him up in a warm dog sweater or hoodie.

For tramping out in the snow, you can pick up some dog booties or boots that will keep his feet dry.

A Christmas stocking just for the dog in your life would make a wonderful present for him, filled with bones and treats and toys.

If you want to dress up your pet for the holidays, you can get some cut sparkling bows for her ears. For some extra bling, you can get a dog necklace with pearls, jewels and more.

Dog tags that are personalized with his name and your information not only make great holiday gifts, but they also help protect him in the event that he gets lost.

You could also get a formidable chain that lets him run around the yard outside, while keeping him inside your fence.

Dog dining stations come in a variety of styles, both raised as well as ground level ones.

You can also get pet feeders that mount to the wall and are neat and decorative.

There are lots of fun toys where you hide a treat inside them so that the dog has a challenge getting it out – something they enjoy!

dog Christmas gift basket

Dog Grooming Products Make Great Gifts for Pets and their Owners!

What many pet owners may not know is that there are products you can use to control the amount of hair that is shed so that you do not have to vacuum or live in dog hair every single day.

These items make great gifts for the holiday season, and are among the top selling products in the Pet Supplies section on Amazon.

Dog grooming products can help you to rid your pet of the extra hair before it falls out on its own.

Getting your pooch one of the following items this holiday season will make a beneficial gift for him…and you!

What Are The Top Dog Grooming Products?


There are many brush-like products out there that will help you to groom your dog.

Amazon sells a number of these products, and they make great stocking stuffers for your pet.

One of the top dog groomers for Christmas 2010 is the FURminator deShedding Tool. This device works on both long and short haired dogs to remove excess fur.

There are three different versions offered, depending on the size of dog you have, that will remove the undercoat and any dead hair that is on its way out of your dog’s coat. It has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use.

Coat King Strippers

Another grooming product that will make a nice Christmas gift for your dog is the Coat King Strippers. These are available in a variety of designs to remove fine, extra fine, and coarse hair.

You can select the right one depending on the type of fur your dog has. There are some breeds of dogs that are thought to need their dead hairs hand stripped.

However, many have found that these tools will work just as well at keeping their coats happy as doing it the difficult, manual way.

Should I Get a Dog Groomer for my Pet?

If you have a breed of dog that sheds badly, it is highly recommended that you place one of these under the tree or in your pup’s stocking. The FURminator ranges from $20-$30 on Amazon, depending on the size of edge you need.

The Coat King Strippers come in packs of three and are available for $33-$53, again depending on the size needed. Either of these will make a nice gift – not only for your furry friend, but for yourself!

If you want to see what gift ideas from here that you can buy online at Amazon, just click here >> dog Christmas gifts

I have plenty of simple and sensible tips here for how to simplify Christmas planning and setting up.

Check out this page for my tips on how to keep Christmas simple while still enjoying a maximum of Christmas fun!

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