Use Acne Home Remedies - Simple Ways to Care for Your Acne Prone Skin

If you have acne prone skin I know that you will be looking for some safe and sound acne home remedies.

We all know that being as natural as possible with the products we put on our skin it the best way to treat skin problems.

In some severe or chronic cases people do need to get clinical treatments and use chemical based products and meds.

But before heading off to a physician for special topical cremes, antibiotics, and other medications, it is always advised that you try some acne home remedies first.

No matter who you are, daily facial care is an important first step in preventing and treating acne.

In fact, you should be cleaning your face two times per day; first thing in the morning and again before you go to bed.

In doing so, you want to remove the excess oils and dirt that can clog pores, as well as kill any surface bacteria that can result in acne.

In saying this, you need to be extra careful that you are not overcleaning or scrubbing your face too vigorously as this can lead to further problems.


Is the first step in daily facial care.

You want to buy a cleanser that is free of oil, and is recommended for oily skin types.

It is important to note that there are also brands of cleansers on the market that are meant for people with dry skin, so be sure that you are not buying the wrong kind.

Never use soap, as soap is too drying and irritating for the skin.

Is the second step in a daily facial program

You want to use toner after you cleanse your skin as it helps to get rid of the last traces of oil, dirt, and cosmetics on your skin.

Toner can also minimize the appearance of your skin pores.

Some skin care regimens also include a medicated lotion that you can apply to your skin, or the particular problem areas of your skin.

The last step in your daily skin regimen

Do not skip moisturizing your skin!

Many people think that moisturizer will make their skin more oily, but this is only the case if they use the wrong kind of moisturizer.

Even people with acne should be moisturizing, because it is essential to replace the moisture in the skin that is lost through the cleansing process.

The benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that your cleanser may contain can cause increased dryness and flakiness of your skin, and these dead skin cells can end up clogging up pores resulting in more pimples.

So when buying your moisturizer, be sure to buy one that is specifically created for people with oily skin.

This way, you will ensure that you are not adding extra oil to your skin.

What kinds of acne products should you buy?

When looking for acne home remedies, cleansers or acne products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, are most often recommended.

Fortunately, there are many products on the market that contain these beneficial ingredients, which are known for killing the harmful bacteria.

You can also find acne products that help with the exfoliating process to help slough off dead skin cells, and keep them from accumulating and clogging up your pores.

Is tea tree oil an effective home remedy?

More and more acne home remedies are including the use of tea tree oil, however many have not caught on to this yet.

Tea tree oil is known for its natural antiseptic properties, without being stinging and irritating.

What are some simple acne-prevention methods?

Be sure to keep your hair off your face during the day and when you are sleeping.

Also, make sure to wash your hair frequently to keep it oil-free.

Wash your pillowcases frequently.

In summary, it is important to begin by treating your acne at home.

If it is not getting better, then you should consider consulting your physician.

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