What Herbal Products Can Do for Your Skin

It’s important to maintain a daily skin care regime if you want to have smooth and healthy skin. Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive or aging skin, there are a wide array of herbal products that can help restore and keep its vibrancy without using toxic chemicals.

These products are eco-friendly too, so you can pamper yourself while feeling good about not adding to the pollution of Planet Earth.

When purchasing herbal products, be sure the plants are grown organically, without chemicals that might cause a reaction to your skin.

Facial skin is thin and more sensitive than the skin on other parts of your body, so be sure to choose herbal products for your face that are proven to be gentle.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three major components when caring for your face, so you’ll want to choose carefully.

Over the counter products such as body washes and bubble bath typically contain detergents that can irritate sensitive skin.

Instead, choose organically grown, herbal lotions and cleansers that will keep your skin well lubricated, vibrant and free of skin problems such as acne.

Aging skin can benefit from natural products such as vitamins, minerals and essential oils that revive and regenerate the skin.

Creams made from botanical oils and extracts will hydrate the skin, giving back the moisture that the natural affects of aging causes.

Natural, herbal products such as those made with balancing formulas of witch haze, mallow and botanical oils can also help to firm sagging skin and prevent the fine lines, scars and wrinkles acquired from pregnancies, weight loss or acne.

These products specifically target problem areas -- and if used regularly, can prevent and lessen skin problems.

Herbal products are designed not only to help and be kind to your skin, but also require no animal ingredients or testing.

They don’t use detergents, synthetics or colors that might cause skin sensitivity and harm the eco-system.

Air pollution, bacteria and viruses can wreak havoc on your skin and play a huge role in your overall health. Combat these modern-day maladies by using herbal products that have been beneficial to humans since the beginning of time.

They’re not magic potions and they can’t cure everything, but they deserve a place in your life.

Alternative Ways to Give First Aid to Your Skin

The skin is an organ – the largest one in your body. It’s always renewing and repairing itself by sloughing off dead cells.

These dead cells must be removed before they increase and prevent the skin from breathing and eliminating toxic waste.

Oily skin can produce acne, especially in adolescence, while dry skin occurs as we age. But if you understand the skin and take care of it, there’s no reason that you can’t look gorgeous all your life.

Problems with facial skin is the number one complaint, and what to do about dry skin or wrinkles caused from aging is the priority for most people.

After all, your face, more than any other part of your body is exposed to the elements that eventually affect it.

Home remedies are much less expensive than those you can buy from a department store’s cosmetic counter, and they don’t contain harmful chemicals and additives.

Here are some popular home remedies for common skin ailments:

Dry, Chapped Skin - Saline baths (six pounds of table or rock salt added to warm bath water) can relieve dry, itchy skin. Soak for about 20 minutes and then massage almond or olive oil into your skin.

Home humidifiers are excellent to reduce the moisture loss, especially if your home has central heat. Getting enough sleep is imperative for the skin to repair cells.

Rather than soap, cleanse your skin with a mixture of flour and cream.

Use virgin coconut oil or butter for the best natural moisturizer. If you’re sunburned and peeling, slice an Aloe Vera leaf and rub the gel onto your skin.

Wrinkles - Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. If you must be out in the sun, use a good sunscreen. Drink green tea. It’s rich in antioxidants, which can prevent wrinkles.

Use evening primrose oil supplements to strengthen skin cells and increase moisture. Use a mask of one egg white and one ground almond.

Apply to the face until dry and then remove gently with water.

Dab egg whites under your eyes to prevent wrinkles and make them less noticeable. Castor oil (odor free) applied under the eyes and on your throat is a great moisturizer.

Diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water are the best ways to maintain a beautiful and radiant skin. The outside of your body will always reflect what’s going on inside.

Natural Ways to Treat Acne

Our skin is an organ that can become inflamed when pores become clogged and when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil. Whiteheads, blackheads and pimples occur when oil mixes with the dead skin cells that are constantly being sloughed off.

Acne isn’t just a teenage condition – it’s also common in many adults.

If your diet isn’t balanced or your digestive tract isn’t working properly, your skin can be adversely affected.

One of the best natural ways to prevent skin diseases such as acne is to make sure that you exercise, drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid too much tea, coffee and alcohol.

Sometimes, because of hormonal imbalances or other problems, the skin develops problems no matter what precautions you take. You don’t have to purchase expensive products to get great results in clearing your skin.

Here are some home remedies you may want to try:

• Green Tea – A natural antioxidant, green tea can be very beneficial to preventing acne. The antioxidants found in green tea fight the “free radicals” that damage skin cells and tissues and has no bad side effects.

• Brewer’s Yeast – Contains chromium, a mineral that helps control how you process sugar. Two teaspoons of brewer’s yeast sprinkled on your oatmeal or breakfast cereal helps to clear the skin and prevent buildup of bacteria that causes acne.

• Oatmeal – Has long been used for skin irritations because it draws oil and impurities from the skin. Apply cooked and cooled oatmeal to the face as a mask for about fifteen minutes and then wash off with water.

• Aloe Vera – The juice or gel found in the aloe vera plant helps to heal skin problems such as acne. Use twice a day to reduce scaring and as a skin cleanser.

• Apple Cider Vinegar – The acid in apple cider vinegar helps to clean facial pores. It can also kill bacteria and remove excess oil on the face.
• Egg Whites – Egg whites are a natural astringent. Apply as you would a mask on your face and after a few moments, wash with clear water.

Acne can be a problem that controls your life. You don’t feel very social if you have big, ugly sores on your face, so you tend to stay home, eat things you shouldn’t and feel sorry for yourself.

Instead, pamper yourself and your skin with some of the treatments listed above.

These and other natural and effective treatments can be used safely on your skin without buying expensive remedies that sometimes contains irritants that are harmful to your skin.

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What are your thoughts about this?
Do you agree or disagree with using alternative health practices?

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Cheers, Helene Malmsio

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