What Is Bulletproof Coffee for Keto Dieters?

If you’re on the keto diet, you may have heard of bulletproof coffee. It’s known as the wonder beverage of keto dieters. Those who consume this drink use it as a way to stimulate fat loss and give them a burst of energy.

It’s not like any regular coffee that you may have ever had. That’s because it packs a much higher nutritional and beneficial punch than regular coffee does. Bulletproof coffee uses a mixture of ingredients.

These ingredients consist of the coffee, a specific coconut oil and unsalted butter. To be correctly labeled as bulletproof that’s approved for the keto diet, the butter would have to be both unsalted and made from cows with a grass diet.

The coconut oil used in the coffee would have to be MCT. This stands for medium chain triglyceride and is used to lower cholesterol levels. Bulletproof coffee is often used because of the benefits it gives to those who are following the keto diet.

To properly use it and get the most benefits, you would have to drink it as your first meal of the day and not have any food along with it. Right after consuming the coffee drink, you would then follow your regular exercise routine.

Doing this is said to give you a boost of energy and the ingredients keep hunger at bay. The coffee does this because of the specific mixture of the ingredients which is namely the caffeine surge you get from the coffee grounds and the high fat that’s found in butter.

It contains fatty acids, which are known to promote fat loss. One of these acids is conjugated linoleic acid. You won’t end up with an energy crash after working out because, thanks to the butter and coconut oil, the coffee has plenty of calories.

If you wonder whether or not bulletproof coffee could help you on the keto diet, the answer is yes. Coffee helps you lose weight. It also keeps your energy up while you’re losing weight.

This is especially helpful to people who aren’t used to eating low carb. Not only does the coffee help you lose weight and maintain energy, it can also keep your hunger level lower, and raise your metabolism.

Plus, the butter contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation and can help build muscle.

You can use it for fuel rather than eating a higher carb breakfast meal. It can be used when you want to boost ketones and get more from your keto diet.

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Sugar Alternatives for Keto Dieters

The keto diet is a great way to get rid of those unwanted pounds. You’ll have to adjust your eating plan and stop consuming certain foods. Since the keto diet relies on low carb eating for its success, that means foods that are high in carbs should go.

Otherwise, they have the potential to make your carb count so high that you won’t enter into ketosis.

Chuck processed foods immediately when you start this diet. Stop eating desserts that are loaded with carbs and sugar and with any foods that are known to be high carb, don’t even have those around so that you’re not tempted.

When you eat following the rules of the keto diet, your body will start using fat rather than relying on carbs for energy, which is what you want.

The things that trips up many people on this diet is not eating as much sugar as they have in the past.

You might find it difficult to let go of that sweet tooth. If done right, you don’t actually have to stop eating sweet things.

You just need to use a sugar alternative so that you don’t inadvertently sabotage your efforts.

There are plenty of sugar alternatives available that you can use to not only add to your favorite beverages, but to use in baked goods or in making regular meals that call for sugar.

These sugar alternatives come in styles that mimic granulated sugar, powdered and brown sugar and are low in carbs, so you get the sweet taste without risking your state of ketosis.

The first sweetener is erythritol. It’s a compound that’s known as sugar alcohol. You can find this type of sweetener naturally. Erythritol is what gives certain vegetables and fruits that sweet flavor.

When you use manufactured erythritol, it works by triggering the sweet taste buds located on the tip of your tongue.

Your taste buds can’t tell the difference between the sweetener and regular sugar, so you get the same effect, but without the carbs.

This sweetener only contains a small amount of calories and research has shown it offers health benefits like helping keep glucose levels lower. Another sweetener you can use is sucralose.

This artificial sweetener isn’t absorbed into the body, meaning you won’t see any carbs or calories from using sucralose.

The most widely recognized artificial sweetener made from sucralose is Splenda and it’s also the most popular because of the sweetness of the product.

Something else you can use instead of sugar is monk fruit. This fruit hails from Asia and is much sweeter than sugar.

Yet, it doesn’t contain any calories. You use the liquid or powdered extract from the fruit to sweeten your foods. The fruit is loaded with health benefits, too.

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