What Is the Keto Flu and How Do You Avoid It?

The keto diet is an amazing diet that can help you lose weight fast and keep it off for the long-term. However, there is something associated with the initial phase of this diet that strikes some users.

It’s called the keto flu. This side effect can make you feel like you have the flu. It’s brought on by your body’s adjustment period when you switch from eating a lot of carbs to not consuming as many.

As your body begins to burn fat, it’s a big change from getting the majority of energy from carbs. The symptoms of the keto flu can vary, but there are several common ones. You might experience nausea or upset stomach.

Some people go through brain fog and feel like they have trouble making sense of things or can’t focus. You may go through bouts of diarrhea or have constipation.

This flu can cause muscle pain as well as mood changes such as anger or irritability.

While it can feel like the symptoms will never end, they will, once your body has had time to adjust in a couple of days.

Even knowing that eating healthy is better for your body and how much the keto diet can help you, no one wants to go through the keto flu.

It’s best to avoid this side effect and you can, if you practice a few precautions.

The withdrawal of your regular eating habits suddenly switched to eating keto is the cause of the keto flu.

Some people develop keto flu because they’re not drinking enough fluids and it throws off their electrolytes.

You have to be sure that you’re drinking enough water. If you get dehydrated, it can cause the keto flu.

You have to make sure that you have the right minerals in your diet to ward off the side effects of the flu.

One of the reasons that some people get dehydrated and end up with the keto flu is because the lower carb amount cuts out too much of their Keto Salt intake.

To remedy this, make sure you’re sipping on a nice bone broth such as chicken broth.

This will make you feel much better, and the broth is soothing if you begin suffering from any physical ailments.

Also, check your calories to make sure that you haven’t accidentally dropped the amount you’re eating too low.

If you have, increasing the calorie count a bit will help treat the symptoms of the keto flu.

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Is Keto Unhealthy for Your Heart?

The keto diet is one of the most popular diets around - and for good reason. Not only can it help you lose weight, but it’s also good for your heart.

One of the many reasons that it’s good for your heart is because the diet cuts out foods that are bad for cardiovascular health while encouraging dieters to eat foods that are good for you.

One only has to look at the record number of diabetes cases as well as the vast amount of heart related health incidents to understand that the way people are eating is the root cause of some of these problems.

The low fat, high carb diets that have been touted as helpful simply aren’t good for your heart. High carb diets are the number one cause of long term health problems, as well as being a big cause of weight gain.

They’re simply not good for you the way the keto diet is. It’s one of the best diets you could possibly go on to gain both immediate and long term benefits for your heart.

When you begin to follow the keto diet, the first thing that occurs is your insulin level drops.

This is beneficial to your heart because higher levels of insulin help the body store more fat.

When you eat more than you should or weigh more than you should, your body has to produce greater amounts of insulin.

As a result of this, your body can become insulin resistant. Since insulin is what tempers the metabolism of certain cells within your body, it impacts your heart health.

This happens because the higher the glucose load your body deals with, the more damage it can cause to the heart and the more it encourages plaque within your arteries.

The keto diet’s eating plan keeps insulin levels within a range that promotes heart health rather than diminishing it.

Another hearth healthy point in favor of the keto diet is that when you eat this way, it lowers your cholesterol.

Some people might balk at that fact since fat is used as part of the keto diet. However, since healthy fats are used, the diet boosts your good cholesterol, which in turns lowers your risk of developing heart disease.

Studies done on the keto diet show that several metabolic risk factors for developing heart disease are lowered through the keto diet.

These risk factors include not having a high enough level of good cholesterol, high or borderline blood pressure, abdominal fat, and high glucose levels.

The keto diet is healthy because it can keep your blood sugar level stabilized.

You won’t crave the high sugar foods, which tend to send your glucose levels soaring, and then dropping, which can lead to overeating and retaining fat stores.

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