What’s the Difference Between Keto and Low Carb?

Within every weight loss plan, there are often little variations that can turn the plan into a whole new type of diet. That’s the way it is with low carb and ketogenics.

Whenever you begin cutting carbs, your body doesn’t store them as fat and uses body fat instead as your fuel!

The more you cut down, the faster the weight melts off. There comes a point when you get to the ketogenic phase – which, for some people means 30 carbs or less, and for others, means 20 carbs or less.

During the ketogenic phase, your body is burning lots of fat as fuel. Every time you add more carbs, it gives the body carbs to burn instead of fat.

So you’ll want to manage your carb intake according to however much weight you have to lose, and how fast you want to lose it.

With low carb, you have more freedom and flexibility to have some of the foods you want – such as fruit or starchy carbs like potatoes. But you’ll still want to be vigilant about the maximum number of carbs you allow into your diet.

With keto dieting, the number gets slashed, so you’ll have to be pickier about where your carbs come from. For example, you might really want bar-b-que chicken, but you’ll get sugar free sauce to coat it with so that you don’t blow all your carbs on a few chicken tenderloins.

If you know you want to enjoy tacos, you can shop for things that allow you to cut down on carbs and stay within a low carb or keto diet plan.

Instead of taco shells made from corn, you could choose a Carb Balance tortilla with just 4 net carbs.

Low carb is a bit easier for most people to pursue, but it doesn’t help you shed the weight as fast. You also might experience more cravings for things like sugar, because a keto diet tends to eliminate them due to the satiety of the full fat you enjoy.

Because every person is different when it comes to what puts their body into ketosis, you’ll need to track your body to see if you get into ketosis at different levels of carb intake. That way, you’ll know what amount of carbs would kick you out of ketosis, too.

You can measure using keto trackers that use your urine sample, blood or even your breath.

You’ll have to get into ketosis little by little to see what level it takes to get you there and then add a bit here and there to see how many carbs your body will allow and still have you in ketosis.

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Where’s the Best Place to Shop for Low Carb and Keto Foods?

The keto diet can be a successful way to lose weight and one of the reasons for this is because the food on the diet is readily available.

One of the places that you can find plenty of low carb and keto foods is through online grocery shopping.

Many online retailers, such as Netrition, who sell food will sell items that are specifically for the keto diet. They may or may not have this listed as a separate subsection.

But you can look through online retailers websites for foods like olive oil, coconut oil, and many specialty items that you’d like to get for your keto weight loss.

There are also keto or low carb specific grocers online who deliver straight to your house. You can sign up for things like the Keto Krate and get a monthly subscription of foods and snacks delivered to your door.

If you do want to shop online for certain items, you don’t just have to always stick to a place like Amazon if you don’t want to – or if you need something quickly. You can use grocery store selection delivery services.

These are online tools located in some cities that will allow you to choose the foods you want from a variety of participating stores.

You get to select the keto or low carb foods that you want and a personal shopper from the online tool will pick up the foods you’ve chosen and bring them to you.

So you can choose from a variety of stores to get the keto items that you need. By shopping in a variety of places using a grocery store selection shopping cart, you can even get foods from stores where you may not have a membership.

Shopping from pharmacies or specialty whole food stores can also be an option. Keto foods are available at regular grocery stores, both in person and online. Sometimes you can find shopping coupons online for your specific keto or low carb foods.

You can find the meats, vegetables and dairy that you need for your diet. If you don’t want to use any online stores, you can still find everything you need at your local grocery store.

Some stores like Walmart or Trader Joe’s will have a variety of keto foods. If you check out places like Amazon, there’s a dedicated selection of keto foods. Many of these items will also list the amount of net carbs for you.

Another place to shop for low carb or keto foods is to use the help of a delivery service that specializes in low carb or keto.

You can find many of these services that deliver fresh foods and don’t require a monthly contract.

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