Why Buying Organic Is Critical For Your Paleo Success

Eating Paleo is not like most clean eating programs out there. For starters, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg and even the most novice of cooks can easily throw together a delicious Paleo meal with little effort.

People who eat this way love the fact that they don't have to rearrange their lives in order to finally start to lose weight and feel good about themselves.

And best of all unlike most healthy eating plans out there, eating Paleo doesn't mean driving miles out of your way to get those hard to find ingredients or buying ingredients off of the internet because you can't find them anywhere else.

Eating Paleo is about making your meals simple, easy and delicious – without the added expense of high priced ingredients or the need to buy expensive appliances.

But in all honestly, there is one part of Paleo that people seem to struggle with, and it is something that many people will try to avoid doing because they are afraid of the cost.

To be truly Paleo means that you understand the need to eat organic foods as much as possible. That means that all of your meats, vegetables, and fruits should be free of any added chemicals or hormones.

Even if you are following the most strict Paleo regimen, you won’t get the full benefits of this lifestyle until you make the commitment to be organic.

Sure, you might lose a pound here or there, you might even be able to impress your doctor with your lowered cholesterol and great insulin levels. But when you are talking about your overall health - your lifelong health - organic is not a choice it is a necessity.

Think about it, even if you have ditched all the processed foods and sugar to follow the Paleo path are you really eating clean?

Yes, you are definitely eating cleaner than you were before and you are surely going to start to lose weight and help your body because of it.

But if you are still putting those chemicals and hormones into your body at every meal then you are still hurting yourself.

Eating organic is the only way to make sure that you are eating a truly clean diet. One thing that many people believe is that they just don't have it in their budget to eat this way, it is more expensive after all.

And even though this might be true for some people one thing you should do is go through your budget and make absolutely 100% sure that you really don't have the money to be organic.

For most people they can make the switch to organic foods , they just don't realize it.

Take a notebook with you when you go the grocery store or the farmers market and start to write down the prices of both the organic and non organic foods that you buy on a regular basis. Then add everything up and see if there is room in your monthly budget to make the switch.

Ask yourself how much you will be spending at the doctors this month. Remember, eating clean usually means that you can cut down on your medications and doctors visits.

Eating clean also sets you up to be healthier in the future, so when other people are starting to rely more heavily on doctors and medications in their old age you will still have energy and a zest for life.

If you are eating consciously and you are making an effort to eat clean then you should be very proud of yourself and you deserve all of the weight loss success that you have coming to you.

But if you are looking to make changes that will be help you to truly heal your body from the inside out in a way that will reshape the rest of your life, then you should consider switching to organic foods.

Paleo Kids Diet Tips

Everyone wants their family to be healthy. Whether it is just to trim a little weight, create lasting healthy habits, or to reduce the risk of illnesses most parents understand that they need to be healthy to live a long life and they will suffer through meals that they don't really care for because they know that the end will justify the means.

On the other hand, there are the children……

Unless your child has been living in a bubble they have likely had some form of sugar or processed food in their little lifetime.

Even the healthiest parents send their kids to grandma's house or let their child slide when they are at a sleepover.

There is no shame in that, they are kids after all.

But when you start eating Paleo, one of the biggest goals for you and your family is to ditch the sugar and processed foods for the first thirty days in order to give your body a chance to reset itself.

This is an adjustment for anyone, let alone a child who couldn't care less about things like eating healthy, especially when all of their friends get to eat treats and snacks and they are stuck with 'health food'.

Still though, there are a lot of happy Paleo children out there, kids who don't even realize that they are not eating the way that the rest of their friends eat.

So what is the trick? How do you get a child to get so excited about eating Paleo?

The biggest thing is that you don't want them to feel like they are missing out on anything.

If they are busy chowing down on their favorite Paleo cookies, they will be less likely to notice the friend next to them eating a chocolate bar.
You can also change up their favorite recipes to try and make them Paleo friendly.

For example if your child is a big fan of trail mix, (which is usually considered a pretty healthy snack by the way), let your little chef make some homemade trail mix.

Swap the salted nuts for raw/unsalted nuts and instead of adding chocolate pieces or raisins, add goji berries.

Your little one will be so happy being a chef that they won't even recognize the new Paleo friendly creation they have made.

But what about all of those new Paleo food dishes that you are dying to try, can you really get your child to eat those?

You might be surprised to learn that you can in fact get your child to try those delicious Paleo recipes, as long as you keep their likes and dislikes in mind.

So let's say that you are making a meatloaf for dinner and your recipe calls for onions. Well, you know from experience that you child hates onions and there will surely be nuclear warfare in your home if you make a meatloaf with onions in it.

Simply make the recipe without the onions, as long as you are following the basic rules of Paleo you are still 'sticking to the program' even if you change an ingredient here or there to accommodate your family.

And if you know your child likes something else that you can add into your meatloaf, (like green peppers for example), then you can add those ingredients in place of the onions.

The beauty of Paleo is that this is a lifestyle that anyone can easily follow.

There is a Paleo path for every budget and every picky eater out there and that is what makes the transition to Paleo so simple.

As long as you work with your child and not against them you will have a healthy eater in no time.

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