Why You Should Write to One Person On Your Blog

People end up on your blog a number of ways. They may be referred to you by friends or colleagues, or reach one of your blog posts through an Internet search.

However someone finds your blog, that person doesn't care how many other people you are trying to reach.

If you receive 1000 unique visitors to your blog each month, none of those human beings is thinking about any of the others.

This is why it is extremely important to write in the second person. This means addressing your content to the words you, yourself and yours.

No matter how much traffic you get, your blog is visited by a single person at a time.

If someone was talking to you, across a coffee table in a friendly chat, wouldn't you prefer it if they spoke to you as an individual, rather than a member of a group?

People love being recognized for who they are as an individual.

When you write your content as if you are speaking to that individual, a single person, that person that reads your content as if you were doing exactly that.

When the human brain encounters the word "you" in communication, in print or online, in regards that communication is personal.

That person then becomes alert to the message you are sending. This sense of intimacy leads to your blog visitors reading more of your content and staying on the page longer.

This helps with search engine rankings, which means you get more generic traffic, and those additional web surfers also feel as if you are speaking to them in a one-on-one conversation.

Why Address a Single Person When I Am Blogging to a Large Group of People?

Yes, it is true that you are marketing to more than one person. Unless you found a single client with unlimited means, you're going to need to do business with many people for your blog to be a success.

However, each one of these people is an individual, not a faceless group member.

Remember, your blog is only read by one person at a time.

This is why you should write to one individual. It is also why it is extremely important to deeply understand the needs and wants, worries and problems of your "perfect prospect".

This allows you to very successfully connect with each of your blog visitors individually, by writing your content to a single person, helping solve the problems and answer the questions in their life.

Consider the following two statements, as if you found them on a blog post you are reading:

"Why do people want to lose weight?"

"Why do you want to lose weight?"

Which one of those statements seems more personal to you?

Which one of those questions is likely to keep you reading, and make you feel like you are important to that blog writer?

The second question is obviously more intimate and personal in nature, which shows you exactly why you should create your content as if you are delivering it to a single person in a one-to-one conversation.

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5 Ways to Find a Potential Niche

Do you want to create a blog that really makes a difference in the world? It might be tough to find a potential niche, even if your first desire is to help others rather than to realize a profit.

This is because you probably know a great deal about a particular field or market. Therein lies the problem. You have such a wealth of knowledge, you don't know what to focus on.

If you are truly passionate about a particular niche or microniche in a larger market, you can focus on that which you really love.

However, "passion marketing" is not the only way to select your laser-targeted marketplace.

The following 5 methods can help you find a potentially profitable niche where you can impact the world in a positive way.

1 – Let Google Help

Type "weight loss for" into the Google, or DuckDuckGo.com search engine, and don't hit enter. You will see that they give you some examples of popular searches.

"Weight loss for women", "weight loss for teens" and "weight loss for beginners" are just a few niche markets Google suggests based on search phrases large quantities of web surfers are conducting.

Google a word or two of any market, topic or phrase, and let Google help you select a sub-niche.

2 - Take A Sneak Peek at Amazon

Head over to Amazon's Books section. Type in a broad marketing term. Then click on any book that strikes your interest.

You will see a button that says "Look Inside!"

Click on that and the chapters of the book are revealed, showing you potential sub-niches inside the larger market.

3 - Use Wikipedia

Wikipedia should never be used as your only source for information. That is because it is a user-driven source of knowledge. However, you can pull up some really great niche market ideas there.

Go to Wikipedia.org and enter any word or phrase into the search bar, again without hitting enter. The auto-complete feature will show you several niches based on that word or phrase.

4 - Check Out a PLR Site

PLR stands for Public Label Rights. On PLR sites you can find "done for you" content.

You will also find niches in a wide variety of popular categories.

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5 - Go Forum Lurking

Type "___ forums" into Google or your favorite search engine, where the "___" is filled with a market or topic.

If you search for "knitting forums", you receive a list of forums where knitting is the focus. In each forum subsections of that particular larger market are listed and explored.

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