Worm Castings Feed Your Garden Plants Like Nothing Else Can!

Worm castings are a very concentrated soil and fertilizer amendment (in other words...worm feces).

They will not burn plants like synthetic fertilizers.

They also provide the micro-nutrients that are necessary for plant growth without harming drinking water.

I recently moved a stack of old newspapers from my shed floor that had been there for many years, and found that most of it had been converted into wonderful worm castings ready to spread on some of my pot plants!

It is dry to the touch and looks and feels like potting mix or very fine soil. Hard to believe it is worm poo!

When you see how your plants thrive with the addition of a bit of worm castings to the soil, you will become a convert.

Before you know it, you will set up your own worm farms so that you can harvest as much as you want!

On this page I will feature some of the most popular worm casting related products for you to get started with...

Worm Castings Consistency
Rotary Screened Castings The odorless worm castings have a consistency similar to peat.

Unlike soluble plant fertilizers, worm casting nutrients are not lost through irrigation to contaminate ground water.

Vermicast, also known as worm castings, worm humus or worm manure, is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by species of earthworm.

Vermicomposting is widely used in North America for on-site institutional processing of food waste, such as in hospitals and shopping malls.

This type of composting is sometimes suggested as a feasible indoor home composting method. (from Wikepedia)

Worm Castings V. Compost

Worm castings are biologically as well as chemically different from soil and compost.

The higher levels of humus in worm castings allow it to hold more water and stay aerated, which aids in drainage and plant stability.

If you compare the nutrient levels in compost vs. worm castings, you might think compost wins, however worm castings have a huge positive effect on plant growth.

When soil consists of up to 20% of worm castings, plants grow faster, germinate better and produce higher yields.

Worm castings are higher in natural plant growth hormones and have higher antibiotic properties. The nutrients are more available to plants, but don't force-feed them.

The healthy metals in a worm's diet help the plants to grow faster, be healthier and produce higher yields.

Benefits of Worm Castings

Produce better root structures.
Don't burn plants like synthetic based fertilizers.
Allow plants to uptake minerals quickly, which increases the quality of the final produce.
Make flowers healthier and more robust and increases their resistance to disease.
Rich in nutrients-holding capacity.
Act as a natural pesticide for soil.

Earthworm Castings, 15 lbEarthworm Castings, 15 lb

Wiggle Worm Earthworm Castings 4.5 lbWiggle Worm Earthworm Castings 4.5 lb

Unco Industries Wiggle Worm Organic FertilizerUnco Industries Wiggle Worm Organic Fertilizer

Nature's Solution Worm CastingsNature's Solution Worm Castings

GreenSense Organic Earthworm Castings, 30 lb.GreenSense Organic Earthworm Castings, 30 lb.

Black Gold 1390302 16-Quart Earthworm CastingsBlack Gold 1390302 16-Quart Earthworm Castings

Worm Castings Can Help Your Lawn

Worm castings can bring dried-out lawns to life, if you top-dress ASAP with a 1/4" layer of worm castings. Rain will wash minerals and nutrients into the root zone and help bring soils back to life.

I have put some more gardening tips for beginners online here on my squid pages, and I'll also be publishing some really helpful gardening books soon - ENJOY!

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