5 Habits That Prevent Happiness

It's not easy to be unhappy all of the time. You have to really work at it by developing and maintaining habits that prevent happiness and encourage unhappiness.

Just as certain habits will fill your bank account or keep your waistline under control, there are several habits that will ensure that you're unhappy.

See how many of these habits you're currently guilty of applying to your own life.

These habits create an environment that allows unhappiness to flourish:

1. Pessimism.

Research shows that pessimists tend to be more accurate than optimists, but optimists are much happier!

Expecting bad things to happen ruins your mood and increases the possibility of negative outcomes.

This can be a challenging habit to change. Ask yourself what you're gaining by holding negative expectations in your conscious awareness.

2. Failure to remain focused on the present.

Everything that's meaningful is happening in your life right now. The past is over, and much of the future is completely beyond your control.

Thinking about enjoyable experiences from the past is distracting. Focusing on negative past experiences creates regret.

Any time spent thinking about the past is ultimately counterproductive.

Thoughts of the future create anxiety. When you focus on the future, you tend to worry and experience stress.

One of the biggest regrets anyone can have is the belief that they've wasted time.

Spending too much time thinking about the future or the past is a waste of time and creates a more challenging present.

3. Placing too much emphasis on money and possessions.

Our society places a premium on the wealth and impressive items that often accompany success. However, there is a poor correlation between wealth and happiness.

Studies show that an income above $75,000 does nothing to increase happiness.

You'll also find that the neighbors are a lot less concerned with your swimming pool and fancy car than you expected.

Being financially secure is a worthy goal. An obsession with wealth is more likely to create unhappiness than to cure it.

4. Comparing yourself to others.

While everyone might look more or less the same, there are significant differences between people. Some have more education than others.

Some had kinder parents. People come from different economic backgrounds. There are a plethora of differences between you and others.

The best comparison you can make is between your present self and your past self.

Maybe you're overweight, but if you're less overweight than you were last week, you have plenty of reason to be happy with yourself.

5. An obsession with perfection.

Striving for perfection is a waste of time. Do the spoons really need to be perfectly stacked in the drawer?

Nothing can ever be 100% perfect, so you're setting yourself up to be miserable. Creating a standard that can never be reached is unhealthy and unproductive.

Complete tasks at an appropriate level and avoid trying to be perfect.

Consider how to best use your time. The time you spend on perfection could be spent on something else.

If you're less happy than you'd like, your habits might be to blame. The way you view the world and engage with it has an impact on your ability to experience happiness.

How many of these habits are you guilty of committing? Are there any other habits you have that could be contributing to your unhappiness?

Examine your own habits and look for habits you can drop or alter. Think about new habits you can create that will move you toward happiness, and instill those habits instead.

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16 Ways to Fit More Fun into Your Day

Playtime isn't just for children. Having fun is essential to your health and wellbeing at any age.

When you're enjoying yourself, you're also reducing stress, increasing your energy levels, building stronger relationships, and promoting learning.

Be proud of your decision to goof off on a regular basis. Take a look at these ideas to help you bring more recreation into each day.

Change Your Perspective:

1. Prioritize fun.

Do you put off taking a break because you think you have too many responsibilities? Studies show that frequent breaks actually help you to accomplish more.

2. Enjoy small pleasures.

Having fun doesn't have to consume a lot of time or money. Watching cartoons with your kids or walking through a puddle can brighten your day without using up your savings or vacation days.

3. Look on the bright side.

Maybe housework and boring meetings make it difficult for you to smile. Try to find a positive aspect to any situation.

Do lunges while you vacuum and sit next to a colleague who makes you laugh.

4. Be spontaneous.

Advance planning is optional. Sometimes it's more amusing to surprise yourself.

5. Lighten up.

If you're concerned about looking mature and professional, keep in mind that others may like you more if you're brave enough to show a little vulnerability. It may even help them to feel free to do the same.

Change Your Routine:

1. Listen to music.

Your favorite songs can put you in a sunny mood. Cue up some ukulele music or the soundtrack from a funny movie.

2. Use your imagination.

Indulge your creativity. Paint a picture or conduct safe science experiments in your kitchen.

3. Play games.

Whether you prefer video games or board games, testing your skills can have important cognitive benefits. You may be increasing your hand-to-eye coordination, learning to solve problems, and boosting your memory.

4. Collect toys.

Surround yourself with objects that remind you to fool around. Keep windup figures on your desk at work and stuffed animals on your bed at home.

5. Browse online.

Your computer isn't just for word processing and spreadsheets. Bookmark websites that make you feel more light-hearted.

Maybe videos of kittens and puppies or interviews with actors and musicians are your idea of entertainment.

6. Move around.

Active fun burns calories while you're enjoying yourself. Dance at home or join a softball league at work.

7. Plan an outing.

Make your weekends and vacation days more refreshing. Research interesting destinations to visit like strange museums and obscure monuments. Drink coffee at a cat cafe or sample sriracha cupcakes.

Make a list of local places where you can sing karaoke, rent a kayak, or play miniature golf.

8. Have a laugh.

Humor is healing. Tell your family amusing stories about what happened at work. Read a comic book or remember a time when you did something silly.

9. Revisit your childhood.

If you're trying to come up with more ideas for having fun, explore your distant past. Think about what you liked to do as a child.

You may find that climbing trees or baking cookies with your mother is still delightful.

10. Break your own rules.

Be willing to bend your guidelines. Serve scrambled eggs and French toast for dinner. Date someone who isn't your usual type and sign up for burlesque dancing instead of your usual spinning class.

11. Share the fun.

Double your fun by sharing it with a friend or family member. Positive experiences and fond memories will draw you closer together.

Be serious about having fun. Taking time out to play enriches your life and increases your productivity.

Treat yourself to a fabulous time at least once a day.

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