A Foolproof Formula for Eliminating Your Fear of Failure

Psychologists call it atychiphobia, but you may know it better as fear of failure. Whatever you call it, those misgivings can hold you back in your career and personal life.

You may miss out on promising opportunities or unintentionally sabotage yourself to prove that your gloomy outlook is correct.

What stops you from living up to your potential and going after what you really want?

Try this foolproof formula that will help you to understand and overcome your self-doubts.

Learning from Experience:

1. Welcome growth.

Victories and setbacks can both make you stronger depending on how you respond to them.

When things don't turn out the way you planned, figure out what you need to do differently next time.

2. Develop contingency plans.

You'll feel more confident taking risks if you analyze the possible outcomes in advance. That way, you can be prepared to switch your approach if needed.

3. Start off small.

If you're paralyzed by doubts, break your projects down into more manageable steps. Ease into home improvement by organizing your hall closet before you try remodeling your kitchen.

4. Hold yourself accountable.

Acknowledging your mistakes is the first step in being able to learn from them. Take responsibility for your actions and choices.

5. Identify factors within your control.

Target areas where you'll enjoy the most payoff. You may not be able to do much about the way your boss micromanages you, but you can change your own communication strategies.

6. Think positive.

Remind yourself of what you have to gain. Give yourself credit for venturing beyond your comfort zone.

7. Change your self-talk.

Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself. Are you reinforcing your doubts or giving yourself encouraging and affirmative messages? Choose words that inspire and reassure you.

8. Reach out to others.

Let others know that you welcome constructive feedback. Thank them for their input and tell them when their advice helps you to perform more effectively.

Other Tips:

1. Explore root causes.

It may help to know where your fear of failure came from so you can spot your triggers.

Maybe you became reluctant to try new things after your parents or an elementary school teacher criticized you harshly.

Maybe you're feeling shaky after a recent divorce or layoff.

2. Act promptly.

Procrastination is one common symptom of fear of failure.

If you put things off because you feel anxious, start writing out timelines that will help you buckle down and stay on track.

3. Focus on progress.

Perfectionism can also be an obstacle. Instead of trying to be flawless, take satisfaction in setting challenging goals and making an effort to achieve them.

Compete with yourself instead of trying to meet unattainable standards.

4. Calculate costs.

While you're contemplating what could go wrong if you speak up at meetings or ask someone out for a date, you may be overlooking the price of inaction.

Imagine what you could be missing out on each time you hesitate.

5. Visualize success.

Picture what your life would be like if you had the confidence to pursue your dreams.

The images you bring to mind may help you to clarify your priorities and understand where to channel your efforts.

6. Lighten up.

Your mistakes may be a great source of entertainment if you can love and accept yourself as you are. Humor helps to put fears in perspective.

Enjoy more happiness and success by coming to terms with your fear of failure. When you commit yourself to learning from experience, you may still feel unsure of yourself sometimes.

However, you'll stop letting your doubts get in the way of pursuing your goals.

Learn more here in my online self help super-site about how to set goals to become happier and more successful in your life.

Why You Might Want to be Rich

Do you wonder if you should set wealth as one of your goals? Perhaps this question deserves more reflection. Ask yourself, 'Why? Why do I want wealth?'

If any of these ideas ring true with you, consider them in your answer.

Money is a funny thing. Despite the current sentiment among many in this country against wealthy people, those who have a lot of money want even more.

Many of those who speak out against it want more too. In fact, most people would like more money.

Many say that money is the cause of corruption. However, many wealthy folks live without this corruption.

So, since some are corrupted and some aren't, wouldn't you say it's the person themselves who makes the choices that cause this corruption rather than the money?

Seriously, money is an inanimate object. Its power lies in what you choose to do with it.

But there's no arguing that having money provides many advantages in life.

There are few downsides to having a lot of money. Those that have spent time being both poor and rich claim that being rich is much better.

Consider these perfectly good reasons why you might want to be wealthy:

1. Rich people can have more free time, if they choose.

Think of all the time you spend doing things just to maintain your life.

Cleaning the house, taking the car for an oil change, shopping for food, preparing food, paying bills, dealing with the yard, and running other errands.

When you have enough money, you can pay other people to do these things for you.

How would you spend this extra time?

2. Rich people can avoid doing many of the things they don't enjoy doing.

Someone else could do them. Imagine your life without most of the chores and duties that you don't like to do.

3. You can help a lot of people when you're rich.

It's true that you can volunteer and help others with your time, regardless of your income, but it's nice to be able to write a check, too.

You already know plenty of people that could use financial help. It would be nice to actually be able to provide it.

4. You can enjoy life more.

Let's face it, money is a limiting factor for most of us. It's easier to explore your interests if you have greater financial resources.

You can visit Paris, buy a Steinway, afford to not work and go back to school comfortably, try a new restaurant each week, or buy a couple of horses.

5. Your future is more comfortable.

Most people are worried about their retirement. If you're sick later in life or unable to care for yourself, you can afford to have the care you need to live at home for the rest of your life.

Money eliminates most your concerns about what the future may bring.

6. Money solves many challenges.

Money is great for solving many of the problems that pop up in day-to-day life. Whether you need dentures, a new transmission, a new roof, or new shoes, money is the answer.

Of course, money doesn't solve all of life's problems, but it can bring you more options and take care of many of them.

Money isn't the answer to all of life's challenges. You'll find that once you have money, you have a new set of issues. But that's just life. Name a time when you didn't have a problem!

The advantages of wealth are considerable. It's really about freedom. Money brings you freedom of choice and peace of mind.

It also gives you the option to spend your time as you choose. What's not to like about being wealthy?

Learn more here in my online self help super-site about how to set goals to become happier and more successful in your life.

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