An Introduction To Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to attain what you want out of life.

You may already have a vague idea of what you would like to achieve, but goal setting provides the driving force to make this a reality.

Without setting goals, you risk drifting aimlessly through life, like a ship without a rudder.

Most of us subconsciously set goals each and every day without even being aware of it; for example, you have run out of certain foods, so your subconscious goal is to replenish these.

You make a list, plan your shopping trip, negotiate the store aisles and successfully return with the goods.

Goal setting is a part of our lives anyway, so why not consciously set goals to allow us to achieve far bigger and bolder things than the weekly shop?

Setting goals allows you to achieve far more than just wishing for change to happen.

You suddenly have a clearly defined plan of where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

We now have a focus and long term vision in our lives, and should feel fired up and motivated to reach it.

The process of goal setting involves thinking about something specific you really want to achieve- this could be a fairly simple goal, such as going on holiday, or a larger goal such as setting up your own business.

You need to be very specific about what it is that you want- it is no use simply saying that you would like more money.

It is too vague. You need to determine exactly how much money you need, and when you would like to have it by.

Once you have your goal, you then write it down as specifically as you can, and give it a time frame; for example a good written goal might be to be to take your family on a fortnight’s vacation in Hawaii in September 2014.

This will work far better than writing down a vague wish to just have a family vacation sometime.
Once you have written your goal, you can then plan in the steps towards achieving this.

In our vacation example above, we may work out how much money we would need to save each month to pay for our trip, and plan to research family vacations in Hawaii online.

This allows us to measure our progress towards our goals, and adjust them if needs be.

For example you may have an unplanned expenditure which wipes out some of your savings so you put back your vacation goal to November 2014.

If you go, you will still have achieved your goal and enjoyed your vacation, even if it is a little late, which you might not have if you hadn’t set the goal.

The key is to set small goals initially. This may be something such as working through a text book or clearing out the garden.

Achieving this will boost your confidence and self esteem, and you can then set yourself more challenging goals.

Once you incorporate goal setting into your routine, it will quickly become second nature.

Learn more about the power and benefits of goalsetting when you read the rest of our information here about: How to Set Goals and Keep Them

This personal goal setting guide will help you to set and achieve your plans this year!

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