Apple iPad Specs : Still No Flash on the iPad

Before the release of this long-awaited device, everyone was hoping that the Apple iPad specs were going to include Flash capability (unlike models of the iPhone and iPod touch).

Since it was revealed that the iPad wouldn’t be compatible with Flash, the device has attracted a lot of criticism over this decision.

But is it really a reason to avoid buying the iPad altogether?

The Most Disappointing Aspect of the Apple iPad Specs

In many ways, customers knew what to expect from the iPad. Designed much like the iPhone, it has huge capabilities that come in the form of Apps.

You can browse the web, check mail, and do pretty much anything you want: except view websites and videos that utilize Flash technology.

This was disappointing simply due to the popularity of Flash in other platforms.

For example, all of the major web browsers carry the ability to view Flash, and YouTube – the biggest video site on the net – even incorporates the technology.

How Apple Explained Their Decision

Many have claimed that Apple is taking too much control, and their choices of what to include and what to exclude are their way of gaining an unfair control of the content that can be utilized on the device.

However, Apple released a statement on the issue, including a number of reasons why they chose to leave Flash out of the iPad.

Firstly, they claim that, although the Adobe Flash technology is widely available, this does not make it “open”.

Apple states that it is their firm belief that “standards pertaining to the web should be open”.

This is why Apple chose to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript: they are all open standards.

On top of this, Apple have stated that most Flash videos are also available in a more modern format, H.264, which is viewable on Apple products.

How Do the Apple iPad Specs Make Up For This Deficiency?

It isn’t all bad news: Apple have taken a number of measures that help to make up for a lack of Flash on the device.

YouTube, for example, is still accessible through the included App.

It’s designed to be Flash-free, meaning you can still watch all your favorite videos, whether accessed directly from YouTube, or embedded into websites you visit.

When it comes to viewing other kinds of web video within the included web browser, Safari, Apple chose to incorporate HTML5 to play these videos more efficiently than they would be played with Flash.

There are a number of Flash games that cannot be played on the iPad, though the App Store is being updated all the time with some of the best mobile games available.

Apple’s omission of Flash is a huge turn-off for many potential buyers.

However, it helps to know that there are real alternatives, and there is still huge potential for what you can do with a device such as the iPad.

The Apple iPad specs include a lot more to make up for the omission of Flash.

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Apple iPad MC707LL/A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Black) 3rd GenerationApple iPad MC707LL/A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Black) 3rd Generation$492.00

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