Best Electric Clippers to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Tidy

With many breeds of dogs, hair can become an issue if it grows out too long. Many dogs end up growing excessive hair over their eyes, mouths, ears, and all over their body.

Pet owners often first decide to go to a groomer and shell out however much money they’re charged to keep their dog’s coat looking good, but in a few months, you’re back to where you started.

Instead, you can get yourself a good pair of electric clippers and keep your dog’s coat looking its best. It’s preferred that you get a set of clippers that are specifically made for pet grooming.

Normal clippers might not be built with dog’s sensitivity in mind, both with they way they feel and in terms of the sounds they make.

Many pet-specific grooming clippers are designed to be low-noise and comfortable for even more skittish dogs.

This helps ensure that your pet stays calm and comfortable while you’re trying to groom him.

Most clipper sets are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about dragging a wire around or buying batteries all the time.

They also include a variety of blade guards with different lengths, so you can keep your dog’s coat short or a bit longer.

Many kits come with some extra items to make the experience that much better - like a strong comb and scissor set for more sensitive areas that require more precision.

By keeping your dog’s coat managed in length, you’ll not only keep them looking good, but you’ll also keep them a lot healthier and happier. When a dog’s coat gets too long, it can start to cause problems for them.

Their hair might start to mat together, get debris caught in it, or become a home to unwanted pests and parasites.

By keeping it to a reasonable length, you ensure that their coats are comfortable to be in.

Another important aspect is keeping your dog’s face free of excessive hair.

If, for example, their hair is hanging down to his eyes, it can impair him from seeing well and can also cause discomfort from stray hairs getting in his eyes.

This also applies to excessive hair around his mouth, which can get a lot of food and water caught in it.

By keeping both of those areas trimmed down and clean, you’ll greatly improve the quality of life for your four-legged friend.

Just as an added bonus, your dog will look a lot better too, by simply looking much cleaner.

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Dog Scissor Kits

Taking care of your pet’s fur is important, and often times with certain breeds, you’ll see their hair grow far too long.

While not as prevalent in short haired breeds, long haired dogs certainly see excess hair growing over their eyes, mouths, noses, feet, and other parts of their body.

Too much fur can cause complications when it comes to eating and seeing as well as discomfort in other parts of the body due to matting.

However, not all dogs are comfortable around electric clippers, even if they are low noise and low vibration.

They just don’t like the feeling of them. If your dog doesn’t do well with electric clippers, you’ll have to find another method of keeping their fur under control.

While it’s not as quick, dog grooming scissors are an effective alternative.

Grooming scissors differ from standard scissors in a few ways. First, they have different tips to them.

While the tips of standard scissors are often sharp, the tips of grooming scissors are rounded off so that you don’t accidentally poke or injure your pet.

This gives you a lot more comfort in knowing that you’re not going to accidentally hurt your dog in the process.

Another major difference is that grooming scissors often have different shapes of blades for different purposes.

Sometimes, like when you’re working around a dog’s face, you don’t want a full long set of scissors, but rather some short little blades that you can use for the hair around their mouth.

A good set of grooming scissors should include a variety of scissors that you can use for all kinds of body parts and situations, so that you can give your dog the best haircut possible.

Many of these sets also come with a good, solid stainless steel comb, which can be used to even out the fur and determine the appropriate level to cut it at.

This effectively replaces the blade guards that you’d find with electric clippers, though it might take a bit more practice to get an all around consistent cut with just a comb and scissors.

You always want to make sure that you’re picking out quality tools for this kind of grooming.

The last thing you’d want is a poorly made set of scissors going out on you while you’re halfway through your dog’s haircut.

Instead, opt for quality tools that will last you and will be more likely to keep your pet’s coat looking good.

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