Blood Pressure Pregnancy Dangers

High blood pressure can be dangerous any time, but there are high blood pressure pregnancy dangers that can be even more serious. Before you panic, it’s possible to have a healthy baby even if you do have high blood pressure.

But it’s important to monitor your blood pressure throughout your pregnancy. Some women do develop high blood pressure as a result of pregnancy and this is called gestational hypertension. The results can be damaging to your body as well as cause low birth weight.

The most serious complication of high blood pressure is called preeclampsia. This is a condition where your blood pressure is high and you begin to develop kidney damage. As a result there are proteins found in the urine and your body can’t get rid of toxins effectively.

Women with preeclampsia are monitored carefully because this condition can lead to eclampsia which is deadly. With eclampsia, you can have seizures, kidney failure, liver problems, and damage to the brain. This can cause the death of mothers.

In addition to problems for the mother, the baby can also suffer when eclampsia is involved. It can cause low birth weight, early labor, and even stillbirth. Babies can also suffer from birth defects from this disorder.

Unlike other forms of high blood pressure, there’s not anything that can be done to prevent preeclampsia when a woman is pregnant. The cure for this disorder is really just to deliver the baby so that the body can go back to normal.

However, some women who develop preeclampsia do have to remain on medication for high blood pressure if it doesn’t go completely back to normal. But there are some known risk factors that may make it more likely for you to develop blood pressure pregnancy dangers.

For example, women who are older having their first child are more at risk than younger women. This is one of the reasons preeclampsia has become more common in recent years – women are waiting longer to have children.

You’re more likely to develop preeclampsia if you have high blood pressure before you get pregnant or if you’re obese before getting pregnant. If you’ve developed high blood pressure or preeclampsia with prior pregnancies, you’re more likely to develop it again.

Also, other health conditions such as diabetes and lupus could put you more at risk for preeclampsia during pregnancy. The best thing to do to prevent this problem is to be at your best health before getting pregnant. But even women in good health have a slight risk of blood pressure pregnancy dangers.

The Danger of Elevated Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it’s important that you understand the danger of elevated blood pressure. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women, so it’s important that you don’t take high blood pressure lightly.

When you have elevated blood pressure, your blood is putting too much pressure on the walls of your blood vessels. It’s a lot like a garden hose that has too much pressure inside of it. When this happens you often see water escaping from holes in the hose or where it connects to the a spigot.

In the same way, your blood vessels can become so overloaded with blood pressure that they can develop weak spots known as aneurisms. You can also have problems with hardened arteries that make cholesterol build up more likely.

When an aneurism bursts, you can have a stroke. Strokes are episodes of bleeding in the brain. This actually causes the death of brain tissue and can leave you paralyzed, with memory loss, or even dead.

Elevated blood pressure can also make you feel lousy. It can cause you to feel nervous and anxious. It can also cause you to feel on edge. This can be a chronic problem that adds to the danger of high blood pressure.

Many people don’t take elevated blood pressure seriously, but this number is one of the greatest indicators that you could be at risk for a heart attack or stroke – and that isn’t something to be taken without serious consideration.

Each year about 350,000 Americans die as a result of complications from high blood pressure. And worldwide the number is much higher. So, as you can see, you shouldn’t ignore this problem. But the good news is that you can do something about high blood pressure to lower the danger.

Blood pressure can be controlled in a couple of different ways. First, you can make lifestyle changes. You’ll need to talk with your doctor about what changes are appropriate for you. However, generally lowering your salt intake and exercising are changes that are recommended.

You may also need to take medication to control high blood pressure. This medication can be lifesaving and prevent you from having a heart attack or stroke later in your life. It’s also important to consistently monitor your blood pressure so that medication adjustments can be made.

Letting your high blood pressure go untreated is like asking for heart disease. It’s important that you understand the danger of elevated blood pressure and that you respond to your own hypertension with the appropriate action steps.

It’s much better to keep yourself from developing heart disease than to try to keep it from getting worse later.
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