Cuponk From Hasbro Games: Addictive For the Whole Family!

Cuponk is the game that has been making waves in the world of toys: fun for both children and adults!

The premise is simple: sink your ball into the cup and make it light up. Simple it may be, but boring it certainly is not!

Finally there’s a game that gets kids involved without them having to spend hours staring at a computer or television screen!

This Best Selling Toy has been tipped as one of the top 15 toys both for girls and boys.

How Cuponk Works

To begin the game, the player must pick a card from the Trick Deck which includes 30 different tricks.

The card will tell you what to do and how many times you’re allowed to try that particular trick.

When you play Cuponk, you’ll use tables, chairs, walls and other standard objects to help make your tricks more elaborate.

When the player successfully performs the trick, they get to keep the card and the next player takes their card.

But if the player fails at the trick, it’ll be passed onto the next player who will have to attempt it themselves.

Cuponk is actually a lot harder than it might sound, but it doesn’t take long for kids to get used to it. The best thing about the game is that it’s extremely flexible.

You can set your own rules for winning and, before you know it, your kids will be making up their own Cuponk tricks!

There are 5 blank cards included for custom-made tricks.

Cuponk can be played alone or in group competitions.

Cuponk is available in a few different sets.

Each set comes with its own cup, balls, trick cards and instruction guides. Kids are often eager to collect all three Cuponk games due to the fact that each one has a different set of tricks.

That’s 90 tricks in total, showing that there’s huge potential in Cuponk. You won’t get bored fast!

Each game is recommended for ages 9 and up, and requires batteries to play.

Gorillanator Cuponk: (Pictured here) This version of the game makes a gorilla sound when you get the ball in the cup, and also features an extra ramp if you want it.

You can learn more about it here: Cuponk! - Gorillanator with Ramp

El Campeon: This includes wrestling sounds and also has a funnel.

Let It R.I.P.: This version comes with killer zombie sounds.

Cuponk is a fantastic kids Christmas gift choice for 2010, especially for boys.

It’s the perfect way to keep them away from their video games and get them to do something that takes a little skill.

Cuponk encourages kids to get creative, improve their hand-eye coordination and have fun!

The best thing of all? Despite the fact that it’ll be one of the most wished-for gifts of 2013, Cuponk only costs $14.99!

Cuponk - A Fun Way To Spend A Wet Afternoon

Cuponk is the answer if you are looking for a way for your family to spend some time together having fun.

This game is aimed at kids aged 5 years and up. The idea behind the game is fairly simple. You have to sink a ping pong ball into a cup.

When the ball lands in the cup, it will make loud noises and light up.

When it doesn't your friends and family will probably laugh at you but don't worry you will get your own back when they miss their turn.

So why is Cuponk so popular?

Everyone has a competitive streak in them and they want to do better than their friends.

You follow the challenge set by the card and when it is your turn to take the shot, your friends will laugh when you miss what appears to be a simple one.

But then it is their turn to try and if they miss it too the fun really begins.

You can follow along with the cards or make up rules of your own.

The cards will tell you how many chances you have for a particular trick i.e. for the easy ones you are allowed up to two tries while five tries are allowed for the more complex shots.

If you make up tricks of your own you will determine how many shots are given.

To make the game more challenging you can bounce the ball off various different objects in your home.

The ball is plastic so you shouldn't worry about anything breaking.

If your kids are into science they may try to set up the perfect shot.

It helps to teach children about distance and cause and effect.

The great thing about Cuponk is that it keeps your kids active and away from the TV.

We all know that children are watching too much television or playing too many video games.

Any toy that gets them away from that, encourages them to use their brain and keeps them active will win the hearts of most parents.

The low price of $14.99 will also prove a hit.

The common theme with people playing Cuponk is the amount of laughing they do.

Some of the tricks and challenges you set your friends are really silly but lots of fun.

The game comes in three different models.

The cup and balls are basically the same but the sounds made change.

For example the Gorillanator will make a gorilla sound, El Campeon makes wrestling sounds and the Let it RIP makes zombie sounds.

In addition there are different tricks with each of the three models currently available so you can have up to 90 cards.

But you don't have to buy all three games as you can make up your own tricks very easily.

You can buy extra balls separately if required.

Cuponk! - Let it R.I.P. with BackboardCuponk! - Let it R.I.P. with Backboard$6.89

Cuponk! - El Campeon with FunnelCuponk! - El Campeon with Funnel$3.45

Cuponk Le Flush RoyaleCuponk Le Flush Royale$6.99

Cuponk! - Cuponk 7 Extra Ping Pong Balls - Expansion Pack Set 2Cuponk! - Cuponk 7 Extra Ping Pong Balls - Expansion Pack Set 2$0.99

Cuponk! - Gorillanator with RampCuponk! - Gorillanator with Ramp$4.99

This is just one of the best selling toys for the season, so make sure you choose wisely!

When shopping for kids toys, be sure to check out our most popular top toys guide before you buy!

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