Does the iPad Suffer Heat Problems?

No matter how perfect a new Apple device may appear, there's always one niggling little problem that pundits can jump on and sensationalize about.

With the iPhone 4, it was the somewhat high-profile antenna problem. The original iPad was faulted for not featuring a camera.

And now, the new iPad is getting some heat for, well, generating too much heat!

Macbook Pro owners are probably thinking, “Welcome to my world.” But is the iPad heat problem a real showstopper or just a lot of hot air?

Initial Reports
The fact that the new iPad can run a bit hot shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's followed the device from the preview stage up to its eventual release.

It's something the admirably impartial ZDNet pointed out during an unveiling event in Tokyo. Since the new iPad started selling out in Apple stores across the United States, everyday users have been echoing those sentiments.

Many claim that the new iPad feels appreciably hotter than the iPad 2 or original iPad while performing similar tasks.

A Closer Look
In response to the hubbub, Apple has claimed that the new iPad runs “within our heat specifications.” That may be true, but thermal imaging tests don't lie.

Consumer Reports found that the new iPad runs 13 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the previous iPad generation under comparable workloads. As if that weren't bad enough, even more complaints about the new iPad are cropping up online and off.

Hopefully, there's an explanation for this heat kerfuffle, and we don't have to bear witness to Apple's first humiliating tablet flop.

The Real Deal
It turns out there's a rational explanation for the excess heat generated by the new Apple iPad, which is twofold. First, a lot of the heat dissipation problem story is overblown.

Media outlets realize that if they have the word 'Apple' in their headline, they'll get page views and channel views. So any minor imperfection is blown way out of proportion.

Secondly, the heat issue is most likely tied to the fact that the new iPad is a graphics-intensive device. It has 4 times the screen pixels of the iPad 2 and twice the LEDs.

In some scenarios, the new iPad can undoubtedly get hot. But for the most part, this issue seems to be much ado about nothing.

Final Word

One thing Apple's especially famous for is pushing their hardware to the limit. It's the price you have to pay for delivering what you feel is the best consumer product for everyone.

Macbook Pros tend to run pretty hot, thanks to their aluminum unibody construction. Likewise, the new iPad is squeezing every last drop of performance it can out of its internals.

It seems like that can make them a bit warm at times. But it doesn't seem to be impacting sales or more importantly performance in the long run.

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