Dog Paw Care And Cleaners

For dog owners, especially those who have outside dogs, taking care of your dog’s paws is very important. Whether your dogs spend their share of time inside or out, their paws will inevitably get very dirty.

There are plenty of things that can cause your dog’s paws to get dirty, from dirt and mud to grass and sand. Along with this, there are tons of different dog paw cleaner products out there to keep your dog’s paws clean.

One of the most popular products by far is a simple design of a tube with silicon brush hairs all over the inside. You use it by taking your dog’s paws, one by one, and pulling the tube over them, which scrubs them all over.

It should typically be used in conjunction with some warm water and possibly some dog shampoo. These tubes come in all different sizes in order to fit your pet’s needs. If you get a tube that’s too big, then the bristles won’t be tight enough to clean them adequately.

On the flip side, if you get a tube that’s too small, then it’ll either be uncomfortable for your dog to use or their paw just won’t fit at all. Make sure you get the right sized paw cleaner to ensure that your dog is comfortable while you clean them.

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Another option for a bit more passive approach to paw care is a good dog doormat. These should be placed near entrances to the house where the dog comes in or goes out.

Dog doormats are coarse mats that you can place strategically, which clean your dog’s paws of excess dirt when they walk on them. It’s not as thorough as a more direct cleaner, but it still helps prevent some of the dirt from coming into the house.

If you have a smaller dog that seldom goes outside, you might not need a dedicated cleaner. You can pick up a pack of dog pad wipes for a fairly low price, which do a great job at cleaning up your dog’s paws if they don’t see a ton of wear.

Another great product for dog owners to keep their dog’s paws in good condition is paw balm and wax. These are concoctions that you can apply to the soft parts under your dog’s paws, which seals and protects them from harsher elements.

It keeps them moisturized and prevents cracking, which makes them much more comfortable – especially in times of extreme weather conditions with snow and ice or hot asphalt.

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