How The Amazon Kindle Fire is Upsetting the Apple Cart and Takes Bite out of Apple !

The talk of the pre-reviews of the newest Amazon ereader (and much more) gadget, the Kindle Fire tablet is more than likely going to take a huge bite out of Apple’s iPad2 sales.

One reason for this is that slthough the Apple iPad2 offers great color, speedy processing, and access to a large collection of music, movies, and apps – not everyone is willing to pay the $500 or more required to buy one.

Although the low cost of Amazon’s tablet makes it an affordable option, the appeal goes beyond price.

Some of the features and Kindle Fire specifications creating a stir include:

• Nearly instant responsiveness, with dual core CPU between 1&1.2 GHz
• Vibrant resolution with 16 million colors
• More than 16,000 apps
• Dual-core processing
• “Virtually limitless” storage capacity with Amazon Cloud
• Anti-reflective treatment for full-sun viewing
• Access to 100,000 movies & TV shows
• Access to 17 million songs
• Kindle books
• Access to hundreds of magazines and newspapers

And those who have had the opportunity to test drive one of the new Kindle Fire tablets say it more than delivers on the Bezos’ promise. Could it be that Amazon’s hot new tablet will upset the Apple cart?

Will the Kindle Fire Outsell the Apple iPad?

Based on the pre-order numbers of between 20,000 and 50,000 tablets a day, many believe the Kindle Fire will outsell market rival iPad and iPad2 in a matter of months.

Here are some of the reasons why:

• Unmatched Value for Price:
Its obvious strength is the Fire’s sticker price of $199, making it the most affordable tablet on the market and less than half the cost of Apple’s least expensive iPad2.

This dramatic difference in price has attracted millions of buyers who have been pinching pennies in this sluggish economy and are tired of sacrificing highly desirable, but non-essential toys like a tablet.

Suddenly, the low cost Kindle Fire puts a table within their grasp – and not a cheap counterfeit, but a high performing piece of technology.

• Performance:
The new Amazon Kindle Fire is being described as “lightening quick” and “unbelievably fast.” The reason for the noticeably speedy processing is in part due to the incredibly responsive dual-core processor which operates at a speed of between 1 and 1.2 GHz.

In addition, the Amazon Silk browser leverages the power of the Amazon Cloud to improve the tablet’s overall function and speed. Unlike other tablets, the use of Silk means sites load faster, offering barely noticeable wait times.

• Platform:
Okay, let’s talk about the Android platform. For some, slapping yet another tablet-face over an Android operating system isn’t a big plus; however Amazon’s heavily modified version has been re-envisioned to maximize performance – leaving little resemblance between the Kindle Fire and other Android based tablets on the market.

Will the Kindle Fire Sell Out before Christmas?

Jeff Bezos said repeatedly that Amazon is “offering premium products at non-premium prices.” Based on the above features, it’s clear that you get quite a lot for your money resulting in predictions that the Kindle Fire will be this year’s hot Christmas gift.

The tablet’s pre-order numbers between 20,000 and 50,000 units a day do make one wonder just how Amazon is going to meet the demand during the holidays.

Is Apple Going to Be Feeling the Bite Soon?

The Kindle Fire meets the demands of most consumers who are looking for a high quality, easy to use, light weight, and affordable tablet.

This is why Amazon is expected to sell some 2.5 million of the tablets by the time it ships on November 15th.

It may also be the reason why Apple appears to be feeling the bite as recent rumors suggest that a mini iPad is in the works, designed to compete directly with the Kindle Fire.

For some, no tablet can replace the iPad2 regardless of its affordability. For others, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the perfect answer.

Cons of the Kindle Fire:

One issue that comes up over and over again for the New Amazon Kindle Fire is its lack of a 3G option;

They point to its meager 8GB capacity, lack of camera for video conferencing and absence of a 3G offering;

however such an inexpensive tablet is expected to cut a few corners and most can live without these features.

Amazon put to rest concerns about storage by providing “virtually limitless” capacity through its Cloud system. You can overcome that issue with most smart phones by creating a wifi hotspot.

Doing so requires that you tether your phone to your Kindle Fire, so be sure that tethering is part of your phone plan.


Once you’ve set up a wifi hotspot you can continue to enjoy your favorite websites and millions of content options including movies, music, books and a whole lot more.

So is the Kindle Fire worth upgrading to?

The new Amazon Kindle Fire is creating quite a stir among gadget-hungry consumers and its allure goes well beyond its bottom-of-the-barrel pricing of just $199.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Kindle line is designed to meet the market’s demand for “premium products at non-premium prices.”

So it would seem that although Apple are delivering a great gadget, it is at a $500+ price. So Amazon delivering this gadget, almost as a retail "loss-leader" will definitely serve to attract hundreds of thousands of new Kindle book customers to the Amazon store, who would otherwise probably not invest in a reader.

After all, if you were looking to invest in a Tablet, or Notebook, would you not be seriously tempted to consider a gadget that serves all your needs AND includes a top quality ebook / kindle reader in the package?

This is certain to be a crazy hot seller for a long time to come, but make sure you pre-order now at Amazon if you want one in time for Christmas gift giving!

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