Natural Home Remedies: Surprising and Simple Cures

Bee Stings

Yes, there are home remedies for everything, even bee stings. One of the popular home remedies over the years has been to place a slice of onion on it.

If you want to try the onion remedy, it's pretty simple.

Simply slice your onion (as you would for hamburgers), place it over the bee sting, and wait for sweet relief.

You can also find relief with toothpaste that reduces the itch and neutralizes acids.

Ear Aches

They come on suddenly and aggressively and this remedy will work for adults and children alike. Of course, if your child has an earache you will more than likely need to make a trip to see the doctor.

Dr. Rachel Lewis, a pediatrician with Columbia University Medical Center recommends using two to four drops of warm olive oil (using a syringe) for children two and older.

If it's for an adult or an older child you can try anywhere from five to 10 drops.


Okay, so a hangover is a self-induced ailment, but they are terrible and when they strike just about the only thing that's going to help get you right is a home remedy.

Don't worry, we're not going to encourage you to go with the hair of dog and drink more alcohol. Instead, we have two separate suggestions for you.

The first is bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? It might not be the healthiest option, but as it turns out a bacon sandwich is a great solution because it provides you with protein, carbs, and fat.

All of which replenish your amino acids which is what your brain needs during this time.

Another great home remedy is chicken noodle soup. Thanks to the sodium and water in the broth your body gets what it is so desperately craving.

It might not be the ideal breakfast, but if you want to survive the day... you'll live with it.


There's nothing worse than diarrhea and chances are you won't want to eat anything because well, you don't want to give your body any more fuel to burn, do you?

In these instances, you should opt for plain and soft foods, think applesauce, bananas, and toast. For something that requires a bit more chewing you can try toast or plain crackers.


It's just as bad as diarrhea, but black licorice is an excellent home remedy that is usually enough to get even the most stubborn bowels moving.
It's a great alternative for anyone who hates prunes or prune juice.

Teething & Toothaches

These are some ideal solutions for children, but they can be used for anyone who is suffering from a toothache. For the babies of the home, this solution will save your life.

Cover a clean and damp washcloth with applesauce, roll it, and freeze it. Your baby will happily chew on this sweet treat, which will numb the gums and relieve the pain. For older kids (and adults) you can chew on frozen blueberries (or even peas) for some relief.

Greasy Hair

Okay, it might not be an ailment, but it is a frustration for a lot of people. Especially for anyone who washes their hair daily only to find that it's a mess by the end of the day.

There are a few ways you can counteract this, the simplest being to brush talcum powder or baby powder through it. I suppose it really depends on how you prefer smelling for the day.

This is also a great solution for anyone who's running late and didn't have time to give his or her hair a wash.


Are you trying to chase hiccups away and you've tried every trick in the book only to find yourself still suffering? Swallow a teaspoon or two of sugar.

The granules can reset the nerve that was irritated and caused the problem in the first place. Salt also works, but it doesn't taste as pleasant as a spoonful of sugar.


Peppermint capsules taken daily should help quiet your noisy backside. The reason for this is that it kills the bacteria that fuels bloating and helps relax your gastrointestinal muscles.

That means healthier digestion and... well, less gas. It's also great for indigestion.

Bad Breath

Are you worried about your breath? Here's the perfect trick for you. Gargle with lemon juice to kill the bacteria that's causing the odor and then finish by eating plain yogurt. The results can last up to 24 hours.


Cherry juice comes to the rescue again. As it contains melatonin, it's the perfect way to get your body ready for a great night's sleep.

Fever Reduction

Linden Flower Tea is the perfect remedy for a fever. It induces sweating by dilating blood vessels and triggers the hypothalamus to kick into action to control your high temperature.

You can buy the dried herbs and make your own tea. Just drop a teaspoon into hot water and wait 15 minutes for it to steep before you drink it.

Drink four cups a day to keep your temperature at bay, but if it's not making any difference after you drink it and your fever is high you should seek medical attention.

~~ Everyone grew up hearing different old wives tales' for a variety of ailments, and then you would reach a point in life where you realized that tying sage to your feet probably wouldn't cure the cold.

However, don't let those nonsense remedies put you off the real deal. Nature is good to us and there are plenty of real home remedies that can fix almost anything that might be ailing you.

Whether you're caught short and don't have conventional medications to turn to in times of need or you simply prefer more natural home remedies, there are plenty of answers here for you. So, join us on a journey through these amazing remedies by checking out my online guide full of resources to explain how to use home remedies and natural home remedies.

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