Physical Symptoms of Male Menopause

The main hormone responsible for what makes men seem like men to everyone else is testosterone. This is the hormone that makes men’s voices deep, gives them a higher muscle mass than women, and makes hair grow on their face and body in the way that it grows for men.

When something goes wrong with that hormone balance things start going wrong physically.

Low Sex Drive – Are you, or the loved one, suffering from a low sex drive? Do you feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth to initiate sex? Do you find yourself making excuses when it gets near bedtime to stay up so that your spouse doesn’t try? If you’re experiencing that and don’t want to your doctor may have the answer via hormone treatments.

Erectile Dysfunction – There are ranges of dysfunction when it comes to getting and keeping an erection. Some men with hormone imbalances can’t get an erection at all, but others can early in the morning, and yet others simply cannot maintain their erection to complete the sex act.

Low Energy – Many men who experience a hormone imbalance have low energy and don’t want to do much. They may feel sleepy and get tired trying to get through the day.

Depression – Hormone imbalances can also cause depression. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between depression and regular sadness for some people. The way to tell is to find out via blood test.

Mood Disorders – A hormone imbalance may lead to mood disorders too. A mood disorder can be characterized as having up and down moods. Sometimes he may be happy and the next he’s exploding with anger.

Low Muscle Mass – Testosterone builds muscle easier. A man with low testosterone will have low muscle mass and be weaker than normal. If you’re trying to exercise and nothing is happening, get a blood test to find out where you stand.

Increased Body Fat – Low muscle mass and other characteristics of the physical symptoms of male menopause can manifest as increased body fat too. Especially fat that gathers around the belly and breasts in men.

Hot Flashes – Yes, even men will get hot flashes when they’re hormones are not balanced properly. If you do get hot flashes that’s a great sign to get to the doctor to get a test and find out what can be done.

If you have any of these physical symptoms, please go to your doctor. If your loved one has these issues, make them an appointment with the doctor.

Send a note with them if you must. Men can be difficult sometimes regarding going to the doctor.

However, no one needs to suffer from this condition without getting help to improve it since it’s usually very easy to take care of.

When To See The Doctor

If you or someone you love seems to be suffering from male menopause the best course of action is to work on lifestyle changes.

However, seeing a doctor is the first place to start to help you learn what type of lifestyle changes you may need for your condition.

If the person suffering is your spouse or loved one, you may have to insist that they go to the doctor especially if they have serious physical symptoms.

Sexual Issues

ED doesn’t just affect the person suffering from it. It can have grave consequences on a marriage. If you suspect your spouse has sexual problems due to male menopause, it’s imperative that he get some help from a doctor.

You can persuade him to go by showing him the stats regarding the number of men who suffer from these problems and the likely causes.

Often men are so embarrassed by sexual issues that they don’t tell anyone and get upset talking to their spouse about it.

Don’t be accusatory and understand that ED doesn’t mean your spouse is not attracted to you.

Be gentle and loving and help them get to the doctor. Go with them if they are okay with that so you can talk to the doctor together.

Low Energy

If you or someone you love has extremely low energy and seems unable to do important things, such as get to work, perform household duties, or oversee the kids.

This is an important sign that requires attention because these symptoms can indicate serious problems.

Cardiovascular issues can be very serious and should be addressed immediately. Lack of energy is often due to poor circulation, which could be a cardiovascular issue.

It’s important to get to the doctor. If your spouse is affected and they don’t want to go, make the appointment for them and tell the doctor the issue.

Mood Disorders

Sometimes when a man is suffering from low testosterone it almost seems like it’s stereotypical high testosterone. The man is up and then he’s down. The man is calm then another moment he’s angry.

This is a very serious issue, can be associated with several problems, and at its most serious can end up abusive. In this case, you must demand that your spouse get some help with their problem.

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

If your loved one is having problems with this, it can add to their hormone imbalance. Often people who are having these issues don’t get help soon enough. Sometimes its pride, other times it’s embarrassment.

Most of the time these problems can be treated but seeing a doctor first is imperative. It may require short-term medication, hormone replacement therapy, or something else.

Male Breasts Are Developing

If you notice a change in your loved one’s body such as he’s developing a belly and breasts, it’s imperative that you get him to his doctor.

A doctor can diagnose the problem by doing some tests. If it’s a hormone imbalance and there are no other health issues, it can be treated.

If it’s your spouse and he doesn’t want to get health care, the only way to deal with that is to try to educate him on the issues. Man Boobs is the common name, and there is much that can be done to remedy the condition.

Explain how ignoring it can make things much worse. Sadly, no one can force another person to do anything.

If you have a spouse who will just go to the doctor because you make him an appointment, then do that. Go with him to talk to the doctor about everything.

What’s your biggest issue? How do you handle it – or can you think of any additional tips you can share with others if you don’t have an issue with this in your life?

Share them with us in our Comments – or share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook or wherever you feel it could help someone you know.

Cheers, Helene Malmsio

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