Places to Find Images You Can Legally Use On Pinterest and Your Blog

If you are looking for images you can legally use on your blog, there are things you need to remember.

When you grab images off of the web, you need to focus on content that is already in the public domain.

It can also be royalty-free, or may have a Creative Commons license.

All of these situations indicate images and pictures you can freely use on your website or blog.

Personally, I invested thousands of dollars in buying packs of royalty free images that I could use and also especially buying PLR graphic packs with a license to sell, so that I not only had thousands of images for my personal use, but also had them to sell to other webmasters who didn't want to spend a fortune for images.

So, yes, you can get free images, and below I'll tell you some of the ways and places, but truly, if you want to be certain, go buy a pack of licensed images like the ones I link to below at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, for freebies, you can check out these top 7 websites that list images and pictures you can legally use on your blog. But be very, very careful!

1. Google –

The Big G. At, type in your search term. When the images are displayed, click on "Search tools" and then "usage rights".

You will then see a drop-down list of different usage rights.

Choose the one that is most applicable to your situation and you instantly harness the power of the world's biggest image searching engine!

However, this method comes with a big warning!!

Some people think it's OK to just Google images and use whatever they like. That is not OK. Seriously, not OK!!!

Images are copyrighted, so you need to ensure you have the legal rights to use them.

This is why you must select the correct type of usage rights for your search, and then double check the usage rights of any image you want to use by clicking through the Google result to look at the website that first published the image.

Very time intensive to not only find the right image, but especially time wasting to find ones that you can legally use.

Google is the source that I would least likely use if I had to search for free images!

If you're in any doubt, use the sources below instead!

2. Flickr –

At there are tens of millions of images which have been given the Attribution License.

This means you may "copy, distribute and display" any images you find, as long as you give the image creator credit.

And a Noncommercial License means you can copy, distribute and display those images, but for noncommercial purposes only.

(This means you could use those types of images in an informational blog post where you are not selling anything.)

Personally, once again, I find this one a huge waste of my time and effort. If I do ever find an image that I like, it is inevitably not licenced to used for what I want, especially if I'm creating a commercial product or book cover etc.

I wouldn't bother with Flickr unless I was a hobby blogger and just enjoyed looking at pictures for hours on end without any real project work or time restraints.

3. Pixabay -

This site is popular with bloggers everywhere.

That is because most of the images listed here can be used without having to give tribute to the source.

Sign-up is free, and you also receive access to a growing list of vectors and art illustrations. is where you need to go for good quality images.. but do take steps to try and make sure the people who uploaded the images had the license/rights to do so in the first place.

4. Free Photos Bank - is quickly becoming a popular resource for photographs on the web.

Categories are broken down extensively, and you can even download and use photos without logging into an account.

I haven't used this one and can't give you a personal review, but it is worth a look if you insist on using free images.

5. Morgue File -

While it may sound like something out of a horror movie, is actually a great place for stock photos and free images.

This is my favourite free images source. For some reason or other I tend to think this site would be more heavily vetted than others to make sure newbies weren't uploading images they had no rights to share. Maybe just because its one of the oldest free image sites I'm assuming it is more heavily vetted than others. I hope so!

The photographs have been freely contributed, and the site asks that you credit the photographer whenever possible - but it is not required. And you can use images for commercial projects.

6. Public Domain Pictures -

This is another image providing site that is rapidly growing. They have some great images here that I like using.

Free public domain images can be used on your blog or website, and there are premium images also offered for a fee.

Not sure how well this site qualifies the rights of the images that are uploaded by people, but they do look nice.

7. Stock Vault - has more than 70,000 members, all contributing free and paid images and photographs.

You do not even have to sign up for an account, but they are restricted use - so read the license terms!!!

Image files, graphics and photographs for use on your website or blog can be found here. (But remember, for Personal and noncommercial use only).


About using Images for Pinterest:

Buying licensed ROYALTY FREE IMAGES are what I recommend for using on your blogs and for creating your own viral images to use on social networks and to get shared on places like Pinterest.

The ONLY way you can be sure you are not breaking copyright terms somewhere is to OWN the images you are using.

I have a Christmas Graphics pack for sale here as well as a MASSIVE nearly 9,000 images royalty free graphics pack here that will cover every need you have for your marketing and to illustrate your pages.

They are a brilliant starting point, cheap as chips, and you can be confident about using them!

Check them out, and you get to sleep better at night knowing you have done everything possible to ensure you are only and always using properly licensed royalty free images!!!

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