So Should We Use Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause brings so many changes to your body and your emotions, over an extended time, that you need to look at all options available to you if you want to reduce the effects of these symptoms.

Several symptoms have been linked to the period of menopause.

Some of these are very personal to women, and I'm just letting you know that some of these will be featured here, so be prepared for some graphic and honest talk about menopause and why some women want HRT.

There are times when a woman undergoing changes in her reproductive system will suffer from very dry vagina.

Because of this, she will feel pain during sex. As you can imagine, this will wreak havoc in her relationship with her partner, especially if he is not very understanding, or informed, about this symptom.

So any woman who wants to maintain her sexual relations, and to be able to fully enjoy regular intercourse, will need to research and test some possible solutions.

In many cases it is simply not enough to apply lubricant to increase moisture and reduce friction and burning sensations.

She may also suffer from inflammation due to this.

During the night, menopausal women often experience a high degree of sweating.

This will wreak havoc on every woman's capacity to sleep well enough to enjoy her work, play, and maintain an optimistic and balanced life.

It is also embarrassing to sweat excessively in bed with your partner, who will also be made uncomfortable by wet sheets and pillows.

There are also times that urinary tract conditions or infections can occur due to this problem.

The urinary problem has been linked to the reduced rate of estrogen production in women during menopause.

This condition can be absolutely excruciating, as anyone who has experienced any form of UTI will tell you.

Any woman who experiences chronic UTI and any of the other symptoms featured above will spend years of her life feeling exhausted, depressed, and embarrassed in her failure to resolve these conditions.

So it is absolutely appropriate that if the 'natural remedies' recommended for menopause symptoms don't fix chronic and serious health conditions that affect the quality of your life, that testing out alternative prescription options should be next on the list.

There is no shame in having to do more than the 'natural' options.

In order to cope with the problems outlined above, there are number of things that can be done.

A particular treatment method called HRT is discussed in this write up.

Hormone replacement therapy

Many of the problems linked to the symptoms associated with menopause are due to the reduction in the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which are extensively produced before menopause.

In order to put an end to the symptoms of menopause and help the woman to cope with the problem, hormone replacement therapy is utilized.

The purpose of the therapy is to replace the hormones mentioned above.

This is done in order to help the woman out of the problems earlier discussed.

But over time, the use of this therapy for menopause management had been discovered to have its own negative effects on the person treated.

It can lead to breast cancer (though not in all cases).

It can also lead to blood clot formation and stroke.

Not in all cases

The use of hormone replacement therapy does not cause problems in all cases.

If you have a family history of cancer or any of the problems associated with the use of this therapy, you may end up with the side effects of the use of the hormone replacement therapy.

But if there is nothing like that in your family medical history, you may never experience any such problems whatsoever when managing your menopause symptoms.

It is very important that you discuss any of the prescribed management methods for menopause with your doctor.

Make sure that you do not hide a thing from him or her concerning your family history.

What you tell him will enable the medical expert to determine if you can make use of hormone replacement therapy or not.

Get regular medical checks as you make use of the therapy so that any problems can be caught and treated in the early stages.

Learn more about your health online when you read the rest of our information here about: Natural Menopause Relief

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