Top 7 Reasons Why You Fail to Meet Your Goals

From losing weight to launching a business, people often fail to realize their goals. In many cases these goals are attached to lifelong dreams that an individual is very passionate about.

So why is it so difficult to achieve your goals?

Why do you see other people realizing their dreams right and left, while you struggle to do so?

It's not that you are lazy. You have put in plenty of time, read all the goal setting books and taken courses.

If you are spending a lot of time and energy chasing your dreams, you are to be congratulated.

This means you don't mind working hard to attain a result that is valuable and important to you.

What may have slowed you down on the path to realizing your dreams are the following 7 common reasons why people fail to meet important goals they have set for themselves.

1 – You set goals that were impossible for you to achieve. If you are 7 feet tall, you weigh 400 pounds and hate horses, you are probably never going to be a jockey.

Your goals should be challenging, but actually achievable.

2 – You think of your goals as negative statements. The human subconscious is what works on your goals.

It doesn't understand negative thoughts. If you set a goal of "not being a doormat in relationships", your subconscious hears "being a doormat in relationships".

Profess your goal as a positive statement, such as, "I will enjoy healthy relationships where both partners are equal."

3 – Your goals are not written down. There are countless stories of people that achieved their goals after writing them down.

Don't underestimate the power of writing out your goals and reviewing them daily, or at least weekly

4 – You're not measuring your progress. If you don't know where you're going, and how far you've gone, how do you know when you get there?

Break a large goal into smaller goals. Recording your progress improves your chances of success.

5 – You don't celebrate small victories. The huge bonfire of achievement that is the accomplishment of your goals must be built up slowly.

Give yourself periodic encouragement as you achieve small victories on the way to your major goal.

This continually stokes the fire of your desire which gives you the willpower and determination to realize your dreams.

6 – You are in an environment which is not conducive to you achieving your goals.

If your family, coworkers, friends and neighbors are not supportive of your dream achieving efforts, all your work may be for naught. The same can be said of your physical environment.

7 – Your goals are too vague. Setting a goal to "be rich" will probably never be achieved.

Change that goal to" I will learn $120,000 per year as a copywriter in the health and wellness industry within 2 years" is very precise. Your achievement of this laser targeted goal is much more possible.

5 Reasons Why You've Lost Your Motivation

We all lose our focus from time to time, even on important things.

Motivation is the same way. Because of your busy life or other factors, your burning desire to reach a certain goal or achieve a desired result can slip away.

Be aware of the following 6 reasons that may cause you to lose your motivation on the way to success.

1 - You experienced a drastic lifestyle change.

Stress, health problems, the birth of a new baby - these are all major lifestyle events.

No matter how dedicated and motivated you are, life sometimes gets in the way of you achieving your dreams and desires.

To be successful at any major achievement, you're going to have to negotiate speed bumps along the way. This includes any major lifestyle changes you may experience.

2 - You are not seeing results fast enough.

Some people get so fired up and motivated that they expect to see results immediately. However, some endeavors require time before significant improvement is realized.

One way to keep from losing motivation if you don't believe you are seeing results quickly is to break down your major goal into smaller chunks.

When you see small victories occurring, it gives you the motivation to keep moving towards your major goal.

3 - You have lost focus.

Focus is required for any major achievement. Focus is also a huge part of motivation. When you are laser focused on a desired result, nothing stands in your way.

Unfortunately, many things can make you lose focus. Try to identify focus-roadblocks before they appear and you can always keep on track, and in the intended direction.

4 - Your original motivation came from an outside source, not from yourself.

Self-motivation is always found in any great achievement. If your motivation is provided by someone other than yourself, it is easy to find yourself putting your goal achievement on the back burner.

Find some way to provide your own motivation for whatever it is you're trying to do. This usually means discovering the “Big Why” that is at the heart of your efforts.

5 - Your priorities have changed.

Sometimes a lack of motivation occurs when you have a change in priorities. This can sneak up on you, and is not always a conscious action.

You may plan to pay off all of your credit cards by a certain date. You develop a schedule, take action, and are well on your way to making that happen. Then you lose your job or your vehicle breaks down.

It is obviously okay to take care of these important priorities when they arise. Just don't put off getting back on track when you have the ability to do so.

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This personal goal setting guide will help you to set and achieve your plans this year!

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